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Item #: SOLTB16LR

New Item SOLINCO Tour Bite 16L Reel Tennis String Silver


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Solinco Tour Bite 16L is the string you should be using if you plan on using massive spin to dominate opponents. This dynamic co-polyester string has won awards all over the globe for using the latest in materials and design to give players the winning edge. The string’s unique four sided design provides exceptional bite on the ball for off the charts spin generation. It also uses the latest in polyester additives to increase power and improve responsiveness. The co-poly construction improves tension stability and comfort over first generation polyester constructions. The 16L gauge diameter offers improved feel over thicker versions while retaining better durability than thinner options. Frequent stringers who want the maximum value should invest in the 660 foot reel option to lower their cost per string job. Spin junkies who want one of the best strings on the market for spin production, response and power should be sure to try Solinco Tour Bite 16L.

Construction: Co-polyester monofilament

Color: Silver

Gauge: 1.25mm

Length: 660’ reel


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SOLINCO Tour Bite 16L Reel Tennis String Silver Get the Solinco Tour Bite 16L String Reel at Tennis Express! This co poly string has great durability and tons of bite and spin. Category: EMPTY Product #: SOLTB16LR $ $155.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!