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Friday, April 19, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Technifibre TFight 325

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The Technifibre TFight 325 is a solid, balanced racquet that serves its function in weightiness while still providing surprising maneuverability at the net. The choice of Janko Tipseravic, this racquet proves its performance in the game of the tattooed star. While the heft of this racquet might be hard to handle for some people, overall it is a great choice for a mechanically sound player looking for a powerful weapon at both the baseline and at the net.

From the Baseline

At over 12 oz. strung, the TFight 325 is a solid racquet off the ground. The added mass over the other racquets in the line makes it easy to keep the ball deep into the court. The racquet is still balanced with a head light bias, making it maneuverable and easier to bring the head of the racquet through the hitting zone. The addition of silicone in the handle as part of Tecnifibre’s “Tour Prepared” features significantly reduces vibration and makes even off center shots feel solidly struck. The heavy weight would be a drawback for players who overswing, but if you can focus on smooth, relaxed mechanics, the racquet has plenty of mass and pop to keep groundstrokes deep into the court. Spin production is good, even with the more closed 18x19 pattern. I found it easy to hit with topspin and flatten shots out on command.

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Net Play and Serving

Even with its imposing overall weight, this racquet is still a great weapon at the net. The head light balance makes it surprisingly maneuverable around the net. Reflex volleys were easy to hit from both sides. The racquets mass makes it great for put away volleys. A smooth punch forward and your volleys are past your opponent and the point is over! Feel on the racquet is also very nice, making it great to hit drop volleys and touch shots to open angles on the court. Again, the combination of mass and the balance point make it a very effective tool for avid volleyers.

As with groundstrokes, the key to serving with the TFight 325 is to be relaxed. I could feel the weight in a negative way every time I overhit on a serve. Relax and let the racquet do the work for you. The racquet’s mass puts solid pop on the ball but it also has great directional control. I was able to flatten serves out wide as well as go up the middle of the service box. Spin production on serves was about average. Kick serves had some height, but not as much as a more open pattern frames. Players who may not be as physically strong will probably find it difficult to keep bringing the racquet through on serves over the course of a 3 set match.


The racquet is very comfortable overall. It has a solid feel on ball contact and the silicone in the handle cuts vibration while keeping the feel intact. It is still a stiffer, powerful racquet overall, so players with chronic arm trouble may want to look elsewhere in the Tecnifibre line. Overall the TFight 325 is a very solid player’s frame from Tecnifibre. The heaviest in the TFight line, the 325 is well suited to physically strong, mechanically sound 4.0 + players who have longer, relaxed swing motions that take advantage of the mass the racquet puts behind the ball. The head light balance makes it a solid mix of a baseline performer and versatile net weapon!

About the Reviewer: Matt Locke is an all-court player with a 4.5 NTRP rating. He lives and plays tennis in Boise, Idaho.  

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