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TECNIFIBRE Ruff Code 17G Reel Tennis String

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Offering even greater spin and feel Tecnifibre Ruff Code 17 sacrifices some durability in exchange for more playability. This string undergoes a sequential series of heating steps in order to soften the structure, known as the Thermocore process. This manufacturing technique helps to decrease the amount of stiffness felt in this durable co-polyester string. Ruff Code also features a unique Biphase process that adds texture to the outer layer of the string, providing greater bite on the ball for additional spin.Our testers found that this string played exceptionally well from the baseline, providing a mild feel with plenty of spin and lasting playability.

Construction: Extruded polyester monofilament
Color: Silver
Gauge: 1.25mm
Length: 660' / 200m

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TECNIFIBRE Ruff Code 17G Reel Tennis String Grab it all with Tecnifibre Ruff Code 17, offering incredible spin, playability, and feel. Category: Reels Product #: RC17R Regular price: $219.98 $ $169.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!