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Formerly called Cyber Power, the Topspin Cyber Blue 1.20 offers the most spin in the family in exchange for a small amount of durability compared to the thicker gauges. This string offers similar playability and durability to the popular Cyber Flash, but with a softer feel. Borrowing the co-polyester formulation of their popular string, a special additive results in a more comfortable feel and less vibration. One of the best properties of Cyber Blue is the exceptional control that the string offers. In general, Topspin strings are best known for their precision and tension maintenance, and this one does not disappoint. Our playtesters enjoyed the extra comfort that this one offered in comparison to other polyester based strings.

Construction: Extruded monofilament co-polyester
Gauge: 1.20mm
Color: Light Blue
Length: 722' / 220m

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TOPSPIN CyberBlue 1.20MM/18G Reel Tennis String The thinnest of the Cyber Blue family, exceptional control and tension maintenance are combined with great spin in Topspin Cyber Blue which offers a softer feel than the popular Cyber Flash. Category: EMPTY Product #: TOPCYBERBL120R $ $79.90 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!