Australian Open Gear
Völkl Catapult
With Catapult technology balls accelerate in a way that is 30 % more controlled and more powerful – even if they do not land exactly on the sweet spot. This improvement in performance is the result of the Catapult springs attached to the outer edge of the Frame. When the ball strikes, they distort like elastic, so that the ball plunges deeper into the string bed. As a result, the ball can be better controlled. At exactly the right moment the springs enable the string bed to reset more quickly and the ball is catapulted more powerfully towards the opponent.

Pre-loading – activation of the Catapult springs
The Catapult springs are positioned on top of the Frame, unattached, and are pre-tensioned while the racquet is being strung. The strings activate the springs.
cat 1Control-phase – ball entry phase
When the ball strikes, the Catapult springs give and tension themselves. As a result the strings form a deeper pocket and so the ball entry phase is length­ened. The ball can be noticeably better controlled.
cat2Power-Phase – ball exit phase
At maximum tension the Catapult springs reset themselves with considerable force, accelerating the resetting of the string bed. As a result of this Catapult effect the ball acceleration is increased and the ball exit phase is significantly reduced.