Australian Open Gear

Optispot Racquet Technology


Enhanced Eye-Hand Coordination System:
OptiSpot is a visual support to hit the ball in the center of the sweet spot.  In consumer play tests, players with OPTISPOT hit 40% more balls in the Sweet Sport vs. players without OPTISPOT. And it's also helpful for coaches to see where students hit the balls.
Control and comfort come together for the player like
never before with the new OPTISPOT technology.
A cushioned feel greets you on every hit and our
advanced technology allows you to see the ball much better, so you
can take charge of your targeting.
What happens during the play:

Elements of the same color, shape or size, will be seen as one.



With Optispot, the contrast between colors
on the racquet, will form a visual center,which allows the players
eye to focus on the center of the string bed and pay closer
attention to the ball.


Highly visual and contrasting optic field helps the eye to
focus on the hitting zone and keep your attention on the ball.