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Item #: V14341

New Item VOLKL Super G 10 295G Tennis Racquet

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The Volkl Organix 10 Super G 295G Tennis Racquet offers the latest in Super G technology with this updated racquet. Slightly lighter than its heavier brother, the Organix 10 Super 325G, the frame utilizes Organix construction with carbon nano tubes. The result is a comfortable frame that returns more energy to the ball on impact giving it increased power on every shot. The new and improved Bio Sensor in the handle is retained, but it now incorporates V-Sponse construction for improved dampening. This provides a classic, crisp feel without impacting the arm. The racquet also incorporates Volkl’s all new Super G grommet system. These grommets use patented V-Sponse material with 205% better flexibility. The result is a string bed with a larger sweet spot, and more dwell time to maximize control and increase power. Also with Optispot, this system uses contrasting colors placed along the inside hoop of the frame, naturally drawing the eye to focus on the center of the stringbed, aiding in a consistent contact point nearer to the sweet spot for maximum performance and comfort. Put these features together, and you have a racquet that's great for advanced players looking for a lighter, maneuverable frame.

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VOLKL Super G 10 295G Tennis Racquet Buy the Volkl Organix 10 Super G 295G Tennis Racquet at Tennis Express today! You'll enjoy a lightweight, more maneuverable racquet for touring players. Category: EMPTY Product #: V14341 Regular price: $199.99 $ (Buy 1 pieces for $179.99) - $179.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!