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New Item VOLKL V-Pro 16G Silver Tennis String

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Continuing their line of high quality strings, the Volkl V Pro 16 is the most durable of the line due to its thicker diameter but does not generate quite as much spin while still offering a solid combination of spin, control, and feel. The string is constructed utilizing a co-polymer matrix in order to combine properties for increased tension maintenance and a softer feel compared to a standard polyester. The thicker gauge of V Pro offers a solid feel while the greater elasticity provides additional ball-pocketing for enhanced feel. This string is designed for players seeking greater spin and comfort without sacrificing too much durability. All court players looking for additional power from a control and spin oriented polyester based string, should try this offering from Volkl.

Construction: Monofilament extruded co-polyester
Color: Silver
Gauge: 1.28mm

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VOLKL V-Pro 16G Silver Tennis String The thicker Volkl V Pro 16 offers incredible durability and ball pocketing feel and control. The co-polyester string construction results in a string that combines playability and durability for players of all styles seeking a softer feeling polyester. Category: Polyester Sets & Reels Product #: V21029:SET Regular price: $12.00 $ $3.99 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!