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Item #: WRT72021D

New Item WILSON 2013 Six.One 95 18X20 Demo Tennis Racquet

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Wilson continues its heritage of classic player frames by making some new additions to the Wilson Six.One 95 18x20 Tennis Racquet. Made with the advanced big hitter in mind, its 12.3oz (strung) weight makes it capable of hitting with power and depth from anywhere on the court. Wilson has further enhanced the frame with its Parallel Drilling process. The result is a string bed that is livelier, with more power and responsiveness while still being comfortable. The 9-point head light balances helps make the overall weight easier to handle, while making it extremely maneuverable at the net and easy to bring through contact off the ground and on serves. The 18x20 string pattern sacrifices a bit of spin potential for the pinnacle of control and response. Amplifeel Technology continues to give the frame enhanced feedback and a more stable feel than previous versions by dampening unwanted vibrations. Wilson also now gives players a guide built into the paint job at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions for where to add their Tungsten Tape for an even higher level of stability and a customized feel. Players with longer, faster strokes who want a frame capable of absolute control from all areas of the court will enjoy the Six.One 95 18x20.

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