Australian Open Gear

Amplifeel 360 is the logical extension of original Wilson Amplifeel technology. Originally, basalt planks were placed in a foam handle to dampen unwanted vibrations. With Amplifeel 360, Wilson has made the entire racquet handle out of basalt for maximum vibration dampening. Also, by making the entire handle from basalt rather than foam, the handle can be hollow (basalt is stronger than foam, so less is needed for the same level of strength). Wilson has been able to accomplish two other things with this handle design. First, the racquet is both stronger and stiffer (Wilson estimates a 15% increase in strength in the lower 1/3 of the frame), allowing for more power (i.e. a stiffer frame bends less on impact, transferring more energy to the ball). Second, a hollow handle is lighter, allowing that weight to be placed in other areas of the racquet for structural reinforcement.

Wilson Amplifeel 360 allows for a lighter and more powerful frame with greater shock absorption: a trifecta of performance improvements for you.