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Wilson Hyper Carbon


What is Hyper Carbon Technology?

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Fig 1.1  
Comparison numbers: Hyper Carbon™ vs. Titanium.
 All materials compared in their raw material states.
  Graphite refers to standard graphite used in racquets.


      -Hyper Carbon™ is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry and has been used effectively in the tennis world with Wilson's line of Hyper Carbon Racquets.
      -Wilson's Hyper Sweet Spot technologoy enables a huge sweet spot for all Carbon coded racquets. This in turn provides the perfect amount of additional power needed to effectively improve one's game.
      -Hyper Carbon has been said to be 4 times stronger, 4 times stiffer, and 65% lighter than titanium.
      -The increase in stiffness results for more power!
      -The racquet includes 2 main layers of Hyper Carbon, and 5 layers of solid Graphite.
hyper cross section