Australian Open Gear
Wilson NXT
The Wilson NXT String has become one of tennis' highest selling strings for its exceptional touch and feel, and has come to be known as the original and by far the best and most used premium synthetic gut on the market. Coming in both 16 and 17 gauges, NXT has been dubbed #1 Synthetic in playability (RSI July 2004 Playtest) and comfort.
This very forgiving string has proven to be most responsive for even those off center shot. Patented Dupont® Xycro Micro-Fibers® have been constructed in the string in order to increase a racquet's sweetspot and reduce unnecessary vibrations, caused by ball impact, which can in the future be harmful on one's arm. The string tends to retain its tension through its polyurethane resin coating. As far as durability, NXT has been shown to play just like natural gut while maintaining long lasting life for most tennis players.