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Thursday, October 24, 2013 New Takes on a Classic: The Wilson Six.One Series

New Takes on a Classic: The Wilson Six.One Series

By: Matt Steverson

Since the first Pro Staff Classic was introduced in the mid 1990s, Wilson’s Six.One series has been a great favorite of advanced players like Roger Federer all over the world. Crisp feel, good response and outstanding control have made it a mainstay in Wilson’s line ever since. Now, Wilson has introduced new models to make the Six.One series’ appeal even broader.

A New Take on a Classic:

Wilson has wisely chosen not to radically remake the Six.One line, but instead make some fine incremental changes. One of the newest, and potentially most effective ones is the addiction of Parallel Drilling technology to the Six.One line. By softening the angles at which the string holes are drilled into the frame, Wilson has allowed for less restriction on string movement (friction against the string holes) during play. This increase in movement expands the sweet spot and provides increased power.

Another way Wilson has increased string movement is featured on the new Six.One 95S. Wilson’s Spin Effect technology is in full effect here, with an ultra-open 18 main/16 cross pattern allowing for increased string movement across the string bed (Parallel Drilling permits them to “trampoline” more), allowing for massive increases in spin over any other Six.One frame.

One more improvement to the Six.One line is subtle but neat. Wilson has placed “guides” along the head of the new Six.One frames showing measurements of length, allowing players to more accurately place lead tape (or Wilson’s new tungsten tape) for more precise frame customization.

Six.One 95 16x18:

Following in the footsteps of the Pro Staff Classic, the Six.One 16x18 brings all the traditional Six.One specs into play. A hefty 12-ounce plus string weight, extreme head light balance and 95 square inch head size all combine to provide a solid, stable hitting platform for strong swings, while Parallel Drilling technology provides a little extra power and feel.

Six.One 95 18x20:

The 18x20 version adds even more control with its tight string pattern while maintaining all the great playability features of the Six.One line.

Six.One 95L:

Don’t worry, Six.One Team players: Wilson hasn’t forgotten you. The new Six.One 95L shaves almost 1.5 ounces off the traditional Six.One weight, increasing maneuverability and racquet speed for players who like Six.One feel and control but have slightly slower swings. An open 16x18 pattern allows for extra spin without sacrificing too much control, and Parallel Drilling increases power and comfort.

Six.One 95S:

The Six.One 95S may be the most compelling Six.One series frame Wilson has made to date. Combining solid weighting (although about ¾ ounce less than traditional Six.One frames) with Wilson’s new Spin Effect 18x16 string pattern, Wilson has developed a Six.One frame perfect for the modern game. Spin Effect technology and Parallel Drilling combine for added power and spin for heavy, kicking groundies the modern player will love.

Beginning November 1, 2013, Tennis Express will be carrying the full Wilson Six.One line, and our demo program will have each model in stock so you can determine which is best for your game.


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