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Thursday, April 11, 2013 Racquet Review of the Week - Wilson Blade 104

Blade 104 BLX

The Blade 104 is Venus and Serena Williams’ racquet of choice and Wilson’s upgrade from the Blade Team BLX. Though the Blade 104 may have similar specifications to the previous version, it has enhanced feel from the newly added Amplifeel handle technology. With a cool, new, black and silver color scheme, the Blade 104 will blow your opponent off the court with its power and maneuverability.

Net Play & Serving

Maneuverability is not an issue at net for the Blade 104 despite its large head size. With the overall lightweight frame and head-light balance, I found it really easy to quickly change directions for reaction volleys. But on balls with greater pace, the racquet seemed to lose stability, and I couldn't get as much control and precision on my volleys, especially compared to the other three racquets in the Blade line. However, that was expected considering the specs of this racquet. The Blade also felt great on my serve, giving me lots of power and spin with ease. I did have to focus more on controlling my serve though, because I was not yet used to the natural power from the racquet, and some of them would land a little long.

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From the Baseline

This racquet is great for baseline players, producing maximum power with minimal effort. Generally, I’m not really a fan of bigger head sizes, but I was pleasantly surprised by the power that I could generate from the back court with the 104. The lighter weight and larger sweet spot allowed me to hit deep shots into the court easily from the baseline. I think the dense string pattern somewhat helps balance out the power potential in this racquet so that you don’t lose control of your shots, but I did find myself overhitting at times until I could make adjustments. The lightweight frame of the Blade 104 sometimes seemed to lack in stability if hit outside of the sweet spot, but luckily this larger head size also has a bigger sweet spot to work with!


You won’t be disappointed with the Wilson Blade 104. The Blade offers great spin potential, and is really comfortable to play with, too. Though sometimes lacking in control and stability, the impressive power of the racquet makes up for it by creating depth and pace effortlessly, especially on groundstrokes. The Blade 104 might generally be a baseliner’s racquet, but it still proves strong at net with its excellent maneuverability.

About the Reviewer: Melissa Ponder is a former college player who has been playing tennis for over 15 years. She is rated as a 5.5 NTRP player. 

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