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The Sledge Hammer Returns

So a few new racquets came around and only one thing comes to mind upon first glance. That is that the classic Wilson Sledge Hammer has returned after a hiatus that has spanned since the last Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 rolled out. This is one of Wilson's pride and joy technologies, so they did not just bring it back, they gave it a complete overhaul and redesign utilizing the newest technology and offering two distinct versions. While Wilson has long dropped the Pro Staff, Hammer, and Sledge Hammer designations from their naming system, most players know that they were primarily just marketing names for one or two specific features. Pro Staff meant a head light balance, Hammer was for a head heavy balance, and Sledge Hammer meant that the racquet had a head heavy balance and a tear drop shaped head. The last racquet to bear the Sledge Hammer name was introduced a bit over 10 years ago, and after gaining a following has unfortunately been phased out.Wilson BLX Cierzo Two Not to worry though, because Wilson has finally answered the call for this type of frame, introducing two new models, the BLX Cierzo Two and the BLX Tempest Four. With headsizes of 120 and 110 sq. in. respectively, these are obviously intended to be powerful racquets designed for players with more compact swings. Both racquets are lightweight, and have a corresponding head heavy balance to promote stability. For fans of the previous Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0, the Cierzo Two will be the obvious transition, while fans of older versions such as the Sledge Hammer 3.8 may find an easier transition to the Tempest Four. Both racquets feature the exclusive BLX technology, which utilizes Basalt fibers that have been interwoven into the Karophite Black graphite matrix. The advantage of using these Basalt fibers is that unwanted frame vibration is effectively dampened, leading to enhanced feel and comfort. This will be an adjustment for fans of the previous generations as they did not feature any type of vibration dampening. Next we will discuss a little about each racquet. The BLX Cierzo Two comes in at a lightweight 9.6oz strung, with a 27.9 inch length. Due to the weight of this racquet, the balance is only 5 points head heavy, which still provides a great deal of stability and maneuverability. The thick beam width along with the 120sq. in. headsize contribute a good amount of power, while the very open string pattern helps to create exceptional spin. The addition of the AGT (Articulated Grommet Technology) allows greater stringbed movement for increased comfort and power. This racquet is going to be hugely popular among the Hyper Sledge Hammer 2.0 crowd as the newest rendition. This racquet will perform best in the hands of a player with a short, compact swing looking for easy power, comfort, and forgiveness. The BLX Tempest Four is an ultra lightweight frame at only 8.6oz strung, with a slightly extended 27.25 inch length. While the racquet has a very low static weight, the balance is 13 points head heavy to ensure stability through the hitting zone. With a fairly thick 26mm beam width and 110sq. in. headsize this will bring back memories of some of the oldest of the Sledge Hammer family. With a similar open string pattern and maneuverable frame, this one will create easy spin for players with compact to medium length swings. This racquet appears to be designed to play all around the court with a unique combination of stability and maneuverability. The traditional grommet design combines with the BLX technology to give a classic, comfortable feel with less vibration. In short, these are some interesting frames to be introduced. A melding of classic Sledge Hammer style and the newest technological innovations is sure to impress the fans.


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