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Thursday, January 20, 2011 Wilson K 6.1 Tennis Racquets

K 6.1 95 (16x18)

Just like all the racquets in Wilson's K 6.1 series, the K 6.1 95 maximizes control and allows the player to confidently place their shots anywhere on the court. Unlike other control-oriented racquets, this racquet's 95 in. head size allows for some forgiveness when the player misses the sweet spot. The K 6.1 95 is available in two string patterns, and this particular version (the 16x18) is more open allowing for a slight increase in power. They also incorporated their Wilson K Factor Technology in order to increase control, maneuverability and playability. This racquet is an excellent choice for advanced players looking to increase the control of their game.

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K 6.1 Team 95

One of Wilson's top selling racquets, the K 6.1 Team offers a blend of control and stability all at a manageable 10.8 oz. This racquet has all the maneuverability of its other K 6.1 relatives, but does not sacrifice weight or playability. With the incorporation of Wilson K Factor Technology, this racquet has all the dependability a player will need to hit their best shots from anywhere on the court. The racquet's light weight and control make it an excellent transition racquet for junior players working their way up to a heavier player's racquet.

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K 6.1 Tour 90

The K 6.1 Tour 90 is the definition of a player's racquet. This racquet maximizes control and allows for pin-point accuracy on almost any shot. The combination of a 90 in. headsize, 12.5 oz. weight and Wilson K Factor Technology make its control and maneuverability go unmatched. The small head size and low power level make this racquet pretty unforgiving and his highly recommended for advanced players that generate their own power. There's a reason why the legendary Roger Federer put his autograph on the throat of this racquet, and that's because this racquet's control puts itself in a class of its own.

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