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Monday, July 22, 2013 Wilson Takes Tennis Express for a Spin

Wilson was at Tennis Express this weekend, showing us new apparel, relating great advice on string, and giving away More Win with a huge raffle. But perhaps the most exciting part of it all was getting to use Wilson’s famous TrackMan technology in tracking speed and spin of shots hit with the new Steam 99S and 105S!

Wilson More Win Raffle                  

Wilson brought in their big guns to track the swings and shots of customers and our very own Tennis Express racquet specialists to see just how much spin the new Spin Effect Technology really added – and it didn’t disappoint!

Wilson Trackman technology

The Spin Effect Technology, or SET, as Wilson calls it, changes the stringing pattern on the newest Wilson line, the Steam series, by creating a frame of 16 main strings and 15 cross strings. This gives each ball more clearance over the net due to the increased rotation, as well as added kick to serves when used effectively.

Wilson reps explaining the new technology                                  

The Steams are also reinforced differently, giving them an entirely new construction. The racquets, which debuted in January of this year after two years of development, have been on the road with Wilson’s TrackMan technology to give evidence and hard-court proof to Wilson’s claims.

    Wilson reps explaining SET                

TrackMan measures the spin rate of players using the new racquets and compares them to the spin rates of other racquets, with significant results. At our Wilson event, players and pros found the new Steams delivered greater pace and spin on the ball, keeping them in the court more often and clearing the net more easily.

SET helps you clear the net and land inside         

Wilson Racquet Sports General Manager Jon Muir said of the racquets, “For the average club player being able to get two extra inches of net clearance, seeing a ball that would go out by six inches go in because of Spin Effect Technology - that’s a big difference.” The hype was so exciting, even tennis legend Owen Davidson stopped by to see what TrackMan could tell him about his shots and spin - of course, the sno-cones didn't hurt either!

Owen Davidson trying out the Wilson Steam           sno cones!!!

To see for yourself, demo the Steam 99S or 105S from Tennis Express, or come try them out on our court in Houston! And, for more from Wilson, check out all the great deals going on all week at Tennis Express!


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