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Item #: WRZ949200:SET

New Item WILSON Spin Duo Hybrid Tennis String

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Players who want the performance of polyester in a more comfortable package will enjoy Wilson Spin Duo Hybrid. This pre-packaged hybrid allows players to access the spin benefits of polyester without sacrificing feel or comfort. The main string is Wilson Ripspin. This monofilament string utilizes a proprietary UHMW coating to maximize spin potential. The low friction coating allows the mains to move freely and snap back into place quickly on contact, resulting in dynamic spin generation. The 16 gauge diameter of Ripspin allows for a blend of durability and response. The cross string is Wilson Synthetic Gut Power. This solid nylon core string helps soften the string bed compared to full polyester, resulting in better touch and overall comfort. The high energy outer wrap on the string also provides a boost in power and feel. The thick 15 gauge diameter helps improve durability as the polyester mains slide across the strings on contact. Players who want the capability of massive spin while retaining comfort and feel should give Wilson Spin Duo Hybrid String a try.

Composition: Polyester Monofilament / Solid Nylon Core with Outer Wrap

Gauge: 1.30mm mains / 1.40mm crosses

Length: 660 ft

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WILSON Spin Duo Hybrid Tennis String Get the Wilson Spin Duo Hybrid Tennis String from Tennis Express! This hybrid string offers a great combination of power and spin. Category: Spin Product #: WRZ949200:SET Regular price: $14.00 $ $10.95 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!