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The new racquet of Caroline Wozniacki, the Yonex VCORE 100S has been designed for players who naturally generate extreme amounts of spin. Every part of these frame has been designed to maximize the amount of spin that can be generated, even down to the grommets, which have been structured so that the strings will pass through the center of the grommet, allowing greater stringbed movement for both power and spin. The most forgiving of the new line, the VCORE 100S features the new 3D Vector Shaft technology, which utilizes a throat cross section with deeper grooves along the inside of the racquet. This helps to effectively stiffen the throat area of the frame, increasing torsional stability for less energy loss and greater control and power on shots hit outside of the sweetspot. Yonex states that the shaft is referred to as the 3D Vector Shaft because it allows players to more consistently and easily dictate points in three important dimensions, height, width, and depth. The increased stability and consistent response even on off center hits allows the use of heavy topspin to hit balls deep and push opponents back, hit short angles to pull opponents wide, as well as attack with depth and pace when hitting flatter. The VCORE line also utilizes the X-Fullerene technology made popular in the E-Zone racquets and by Ana Ivanovic, which uses X-Bonded Carbon Spheres in crosslinking the graphite layers, increasing rigidity and stiffness for enhanced stability. In addition to reducing twisting, it also allows the beam to be made thinner, decreasing air resistance for quickness around the court. Our testers felt that this racquet offered an incredible amount of spin with a solid feel and a good blend of control and easy power. With typical tweener specs, this racquet is a good fit for a variety of players and styles. Designed for greater spin, the stability and stiffness of the VCORE 100S easily adapts to flatter strokes as well, delivering penetration and speed.

Note: This racquet comes with a cover

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YONEX VCORE 100S Tennis Racquet Designed for comfort, spin, control, and power, the Yonex VCORE 100S offers incredible stability and quickness around the court. A perfect fit for any style, this racquet was designed with spin in mind, but maintains solid versatility for any shot. Category: VCore Product #: VC100S Regular price: $235.00 $ $129.00 Available from: Tennis Express Condition: New In stock!
VCORE 100S Tennis Racquet 4.76923076923 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.