Australian Open Gear

Yonex Isometric Technology

An update of Yonex’s original “square” head shape featuring varying depths of racquet grommets, placing deeper grooves at the sides and tip of the frame, and more narrow grooves at the 10 and 1 o’clock positions to improve ball pocketing and shot response, resulting in a 7% larger sweet spot over traditional round-headed frames. It also produces a stronger shot response on balls hit higher on the face, just where modern players tend to make contact. Yonex testing shows high off-center hits to have almost the same power level as shots hit in the sweet spot.

All YONEX racquets are ISOMETRICTM, it is our signature racquet technology that we developed over 30 years ago and has helped some of the world’s greatest players achieve global success.

YONEX ISOMETRICTM has been designed to increase the number of main and cross strings that intersect, increasing the sweet spot by 7%. (*Tested by YONEX.)

A compact, ISOMETRICTM racquet head [100sq inch] can generate a sweet spot equal to a larger, round-headed racquet [107sq inch]. This delivers greater control without loss of power.

ISOMETRICTM is a trademark of YONEX Co. Ltd.