Australian Open Gear
Yonex Power Isometric

The newest series in the Yonex Isometric family, the Power Isometric. Power Isometric is a wider isometric area that increases the already large Yonex square shape head sweetspot by 20% compared with a conventional round head racquet. The construction in turn allows for more power and more impact on the ball. It also reduces the dead space found in the conventional round frame but it keeps the sweetspot the same size. This in turn makes the racquet easier to swing through and gives it top notch maneuverability, as well as enhanced aerodynamics. 

What does Power Isometric do?
"The 20% larger effective Isometric area in the heart of the frame allows serves to be delivered with more speed nad control from higher in the stringbed." (Yonex)
Dual 3D Stabilizer

The Yonex "3D Carbon Sheet" integrated into the shaft provides more face stability than a conventional carbon shaft and 12% more racquet meaneuverability.

3D Carbon Sheet 
By weaving carbon fibers in 3 directions, the pulling strength is equalized in 3 directions, meaning the shaft has greater resistance to twisting forces. 
3D Shaft

The shaft is sculpted into a 'surf board' like shape to provide
advanced face stability.