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Babolat Tennis

Babolat tennis is headquartered in France where tennis has had a long history dating back to the early Middle Ages.  The company’s logo has changed over the years, but one thing has always remained constant, the “double line”. Anytime you see those two lines you can rest assured you’re getting a superior product that will outperform others on court. This company is known for making high quality tennis strings, racquets, shoes, and accessories.

Originally started by Pierre Babolat, ownership of the company has been kept in the family all the way down to its current CEO, Eric Babolat.  The company invented natural gut tennis strings in 1875 and continued to focus solely on strings until 1994, when it became a "total tennis" company. Albert Babolat, Eric’s Great Grandfather, was a pioneer in string development and his vision helped create one of the biggest tennis companies in the world.  The organization’s string collection consists of synthetic, hybrids, and natural gut. Even though there are various types of string in the product line, quality has not been sacrificed.  Each category of string has unique properties suitable for different player types.

This brand’s success can also be attributed to its exceptional tennis racquets. Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick both play with Babolat tennis racquets exclusively. There have been several series of racquets under this brand including the aeropro, pure drive, and pure storm lines as of most recent. The technology that goes into each racquet is heavily researched and has led to some of the most innovative equipment in the game.

The shoe division was launched in 2003. Babolat banded together with Michelin to create competitive footwear that was made to last. This is still true today with the Propulse 2 model, which has given new meaning to the word durable. Roddick has been wearing this organization’s shoes since 2005 and has played an integral part in sculpting the perfect tennis shoe by giving professional feedback to footwear engineers. This company is completely and utterly devoted to tennis player’s needs.

On top of equipment, other tennis accessories manufactured by this organization include tennis balls, wristbands, grips, and bags. Babolat tennis bags are in high demand and popular among all players. Possibly because the same dedication to technology the company has shown in its equipment has carried over into its bag line.

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