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Monday, December 12, 2011 Racquet of the Week: The Mysterious Black Racquets

This week, we’ll check out the mysterious Black Racquets. This is a whole new brand of racquet and currently, there are two models. The only difference in the two models seems to be the weight.

There is a regular 98 model and a 98T, with the 98T weighing in a bit heavier at 11.5 ounces unstrung. The 98T has the 98 square inch head size and is 27 inches in length. The string pattern is 16X18 so as you can tell, this racquet’s specifications are not at all unnatural or straying away from the norm.

Rafa Mallorca Island

The regular 98 model has the same specifications except the weight which came in at 10.6 ounces unstrung. The biggest difference performance-wise between the two is the power level, with the 98T taking the crown. The main feature that separates this racquet from others alike is the aerodynamic design and the matte black paint job. The throat piece of the racquet is also intriguing because of its unique design. It is both angled, and variable in thickness. When out on court with this unfamiliar brand, it felt vaguely similar to a Babolat AeroPro Drive.

The specifications are not that far off from the AeroPro Drive and it didn’t surprise me at all when it delivered the same performance. Both models offered decent power and spin capability, and the aerodynamic design allowed for a faster swing.

This unique brand is not yet available to purchase, but Tennis Express is part of’s playtest program so you can demo one today!

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