The 2018 Line of Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquets

The 2018 Line of Wilson Ultra Tennis Racquets

Although they hadn’t been updated since 2015, Wilson’s Ultra line of tennis racquets has been a hit amongst professional players and amateurs alike. Many pros such as Madison Keys and Feliciano Lopez kept the tool in their arsenal long after Wilson launched new Blades and Burns, and their dedication to the powerful frame led the brand to develop the newest iteration of the model. The brand new 2018 line of Wilson Ultra’s were released earlier this month and are beginning to fly off of the shelves for a lot of the same reasons that the old ones sustained so much popularity. They enter the market as some of the most powerful racquets out there, but have some key upgrades that differentiate themselves from the 2015 iterations.

                Countervail Technology is the newest and most popular innovation in Wilson’s latest racquets, but what exactly is it? Some believe it changes the weight or the balance of the racquet and others see it as nonsense, but it is neither. Countervail is patented material integrated exclusively into Wilson frames that directs the balls’ energy within the frame instead of the body.  This technology greatly reduces on-court fatigue, resulting in greater accuracy and control.  Countervail exists in the Wilson Ultra 100 CV Tennis Racquet, the highest seller of all of the current Ultra’s. It will be in more to come, but they are not released yet.

                The next major upgrade that makes the 2018 models better than the last is the complete dedication to bringing the user more power to their shots. This is achieved in many different ways, but the first in an increase of flex across the board. This allows more snapback through the zone of contact, offering more spin and the ability to hit deeper into the court. The next is by accentuating an open string pattern, which also increases spin.

                The new paint job given to all of the racquets in the line bring it into 2017 with style and uniformity. To match the Pro Staff, Burn, and Blade lines, the Ultra’s will have a two toned blue-on-blue look, making this racquet immediately recognizable. Each racquet in this line is matte, except the Wilson Ultra Tour Tennis Racquet, used on the pro circuit by long-time pro Gael Monfils.

                Nothing is stopping the 2017 Ultra Line from being one of the most popular and highest performing racquet releases of the year. With the addition of new technologies, updated construction to fit the needs of a new generation of players, and an iconic color scheme, there is little stopping the 2017 Ultra Line from being one of the most popular and highest performing racquet releases of the year. Pick all of the new racquets up today right here!

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