7 Versatile Tennis Tops You Can Easily Sport Off The Court!

7 Versatile Tennis Tops You Can Easily Sport Off The Court!

I love to buy chic and high performance outfits to wear on the tennis court, and it’s a major added bonus if these outfits are versatile. Whether I’m going out shopping or grabbing a casual bite with friends, it’s great to be able to use those tennis tops more often. Sometimes it can be difficult to find sportswear, particularly for tennis, that has a ‘carefree going out’ vibe going on.

Not at Tennis Express, though. From our monstrous variety of tennis outfits, here are seven tops that you can easily rock off the court on a relaxed day out.

1. adidas Stella McCartney Barricade Long Sleeve Tennis Tee:

I tried this on a while back, and needless to say, it ended up in my closet. The cool eggshell gray is perfect for a laid-back evening (or any time of the day). Plus, with the mesh back inserts for ventilation, this top is ideal for the summer heat. It will go great with either black or blue jeans.

adidas Stella Mccartney Long Sleeve Tennis Top

2. Lucky In Love Solace Long Sleeve Tennis Top:

With the exotic print and vibrant colors, this tennis top is excellent for an informal hang-out, such as lunch with an old friend. It gives off a fresh look, almost mirroring spring itself, and with sweat-wicking fabric, it’s a flawless choice for the season. I’d pair this one with faded gray jeans, but it will look just as good with black.

Lucky In Love Long Sleeve Tennis Top

3. New Balance Rally Cap Sleeve Tennis Top:

I’m a huge fan of stripes; they’re timeless and you can never go wrong with them. This top is a classic example. For me, casual often translates into plain and this top lets me move away from plain without having to give into wild graphics and prints. But even if you go with prints often, this top won’t fail you.

It’s available in Seafoam and Black. I’d go with the black top and pair it with dark blue jeans at a spontaneous lunch.

                                                                                                                                    New Balance Cap Sleeve Tennis Top          New Balance Rally Cap Sleeve Tennis Top Seafoam

4. Fila Sweetspot Cap Sleeve Tennis Top:

I love the radiant colors on this one! This top is perfect for when you want to shake off the regular black-and-white look and go for an informal but bold vibe. It will look just as good with black or blue jeans.

Fila Sweetspot Cap Sleeve Tennis Top

5. Eleven Backup Cap Sleeve Tennis Top:

I normally opt for minimalistic patterns, so this top is a must-have for me. But whether you like your casual tees plain or printed, you’ll love this one. With printed blocks at the back and on the front sides and a cool shade of blue, this shirt has the best of both worlds. It’s simple and stylish at the same time. The slits at the back add a classy, modern touch for an effortless appearance.

Eleven Women's Cap Sleeve Tennis Top Baja Blue

6. Nike Baseline Long Sleeve Top:

An everyday sweatshirt meets tennis fashion in this one, so it’s great for both purposes. The rounded hem at the front gives it a sassy crop top twist. The Dri-Fit fabric is an added benefit because of how soft it feels, and how effective it is at managing sweat. Pair the black top with dark blue jeans or the white one with black jeans for a sophisticated look that’s actually very easy to create.

Nike Baseline Long Sleeve Tennis Top

7. Bluefish Elegant Tennis Shirt:

This top is the quintessential example of fashion that can go from court to casual and back with no extra effort whatsoever. The subtle stripe print gives it a very informal, easygoing vibe.  Paired with dark blue jeans, it’s my outfit of choice for shopping trips with my best friend.

Bluefish Elegant Tennis Shirt Gray


Head over to TennisExpress.com to get your hands on these versatile tops that’ll deliver both style and performance on and off the court!

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