You Can Save Up To How Much With Our 72 Hour Sale?

You Can Save Up To How Much With Our 72 Hour Sale?


If you saw it on the courts in 2017, then NOW is your chance to get the best deals on your favorite tennis gear! 

This weekend started with the Tennis Express 72 Hour Sale! Watching the first major open of the year often stirs up that tennis passion that may have hibernated through the winter! Sales on all things tennis will get you up and ready to play with up to 80% off clothing, shoes, racquets and more! 


The sales have stepped up on men’s gear and not just your average gear! If you live and breathe for the grand slams then check out sales on official gear like the Nike Rafa Premier Tennis Jacket, that takes us back to Miami 2017 or the Men’s Roland Garros Tennis Jacket in Night Gray and Core Green (left)! The adidas jacket was originally flying off the racks at just under a hundred dollars and is now on sale for only $54.00.


Tennis is a sport that you can truly live on and off court. Classy brands like Fred Perry and Lacoste have a heavy history in the progression of tennis! A part of our 72 hour sale are their women’s tanks and off court bottoms that you can wear to practice or to the park. You won’t believe this – the Striped Ringer Fred Perry Tee (right) is selling for just $12.99! Lacoste tanks and shorts are casual for under $50 dollars and their 100% polyester Geo Printed Taffeta Tennis Jacket has a color contrast zipper, cuffs and a hood option at 74% off!!


Sneakers, bags, and the rest of your court time essentials are no exception in the 72 Hour Sale! Select models of Babolat, Nike, New Balance and even Yonex shoes took a price plummet! Collect several strings at a discount so they’re always on deck and hats to match the tennis tops and shorts you find on sale. Any accessories a tournament, school, or recreational player could need are all in the 72 Hour Sale! Click here to uncover our coupon code and enjoy your tennis savings today! 

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