A Glimpse of Nike’s Fall Collection

Dress for Victory with Nike’s All New Fall Collection!

The hot summer breeze is fleeting, and the familiar chilled fall winds are ready to make their debut.  With the new season’s approach just on the horizon, new tennis apparel is a necessity.  Tennis Express is here to help with Nike’s all-new women’s fall activewear collection in stock and ready to be delivered to your doorstep.  Their new collection provides an extensive spread of women’s activewear that will accommodate all customers no matter their climate zone.  Their new apparel ranges from cozy fleece hoodies to lightweight tennis tanks.  Tennis Express has suitable activewear for you.

Nike’s Victory Tennis Top

Keep warm as the brisk weather rolls in, sporting the Nike Women’s Court Dri-FIT Victory Long-Sleeve 1/2-Zip Tennis Top.  The top’s long sleeves and collared neck, traps your body heat, utilizing its insolation feature to keep you warm.  Nike ensures a personalized fit through their lockable zipper feature.  The secure zipper locks in place when untouched, but still easily slides up and down if prompted.  On an extra chilly day stay zipped up for some extra warmth, and unzip on a more moderate day for a lighter feel.  If you find that the Dri-FIT top is too light of a wear for the chilling weather, don’t fret because you are looking at the perfect layering piece.  Cold sweat? Heat sweat? It is no matter, Nike’s sweat-wicking properties will leave you dry in the wick of time.

Nike’s Victory Tennis Tank

On a warmer fall day, dress in the Nike Women’s Court Victory Tennis Tank for a lighter and cooler feel.  Experience superior mobility and breathability in the classic racerback styled tank that features a small cutout on the back.  The racerback style allows for a more open feel that allows your back to breathe and move freely, and the small cutout only further enhances the top’s breathability.  The top’s slimming fit and chic V-neck provides a very flattering fit that will have everyone looking your way.  Nike’s Dri-FIT sweat-wicking technology will ensure your comfort as you play, keeping you dry and fresh.  The fashionable, sleek look will have you gleaming on the court, but your comfort and capacity to play is the real gem.

Nike’s Victory Tennis Dress

For another lightweight wear, slip on the Nike Women’s Court Dri-FIT Victory Tennis Dress.  The lightweight dress is made from incredibly soft and stretchy fabric that shapes to you, only moving with your motions.  The collar provides a formal, classy touch that is perfectly complemented by the pinch of spice the sassy V-neck adds.  Nike’s Dri-FIT technology utilizes sweat-wicking properties to keep your skin dry and fresh while you play your heart out.  You can’t forget the keyhole cutout on the back that allows better airflow, enhancing the dress’s breathability to keep you cool.  The cinched waist and the billowing pleated skirt create an unbeatable, flattering silhouette that will take your breath away.


Now that you’ve been offered a glimpse of Nike’s new fall collection, don’t waste time heading to our website for a full look at all the new activewear Tennis Express has to offer this fall!


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