Adidas Apparel Lowers Your Temperature and Raises Your Game

PORTLAND, Ore., March 13, 2014 – Today adidas launches Climachill, a revolution in active cooling apparel technology. The line incorporates innovative fabric woven with titanium and industry-first 3D aluminum cooling spheres. The technology also provides an instant chilling sensation to help athletes’ performance in warm conditions. By lowering their body temperature athletes can train harder, run longer, and also retain their focus. This gear allows them to compete at the highest level.

The Benefits Of Climachill

Aluminum cooling spheres are strategically located on the warmest area of the body. Some of these places include the back, neck, and forearms and cool skin down upon contact. Additionally, a microfiber fabric allows the apparel to act like mesh and moves excess moisture away from your skin. Using evaporation and conduction methods together for the first time, the ground-breaking SubZero flat yarn contains titanium and is woven throughout the inside of each article of clothing. The flat yarn has more surface area than traditional yarns, which enables it to transfer heat away from your body.

”At adidas we are constantly striving to create innovations to make the athlete comfortable so they can focus on performance,” said Heike Leibl, senior vice president of training at adidas. “The aluminum cooling spheres used in the Climachill range provide an instant chill effect to keep the athlete at their peak optimum temperature to perform at their best in any conditions.”

The apparel line was rigorously tested in adidas’ state-of-the-art Clima chamber with temperatures as high as 122°F. Then, by using a 95-degree hot plate to simulate critical functions of the human skin, adidas was able to find the ultimate Climachill fabric.



“Climachill reinvents performance cooling with visible technology runners can instantly feel,” said Mikal Peveto, director of running for adidas America. “In the past year, Boost changed running footwear and Climachill is that game-changer for apparel.”

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