Adidas Women’s Pro Collection | Fall 2016

adidas Pro Collection


Adidas Pro Collection | Big City Style

Judging by how quickly we sold out of the collection, a lot of you loved the adidas geometric patterns worn by Kerber and Halep last Spring.  If you are ready to update that look, this is the new collection for you!  You can see why the younger stars on tour are falling in love with adidas. Innovative design is evident in every collection.  These dresses, tank, skorts, and shorts will be worn at the US Open, and it’s clear that designers took note of NYC styling for inspiration. 

The Big Apple’s Skyline and hot colors help you feel ready to face the concrete jungle – the hardcourt, of course!  With Climalite technology in a wider variety of sizes, this collection is perfect for your team’s upcoming season.  It’s got a silhouette for all body types and styles from XS – XL. If you’d like to get a better look at the pieces, click here to watch my video review!

adidas Pro CollectionThe Pro Tennis Dress is by far the best value in the Pro Collection, or any other collection for that matter!   The geometric printed fabric is great camouflage where you need it most, but it also gives you a great choice of colors to pair with the dress.  Choose anything with the adidas Tech Steel, White, Flash Red, or Shock Slime colors, and you’ll have a pulled together look on court.  Adidas has really upped the tennis dress game by including a bra and shorts with your dress purchase.  You won’t have to guess if the lines of the bra match up with the racerback, because they were literally made for each other…kind of like you and your doubles partner.

adidas Pro CollectionI wish I could say I look elegant in a tennis dress, but that’s just not the look for me.  No worries,though!  Adidas uses the same printed fabric in the Pro Tennis Skorts and Shorts, so I can match my doubles partner that rocks the dress on court.  The Skorts have the same predictable fit you’ve come to love from adidas and it’s available in XS-XL with a 12” length.  Even though adidas doesn’t offer a longer skirt choice in this design, the inner shorts keep you covered when you have to reach for that annoying drop shot.

adidas Pro CollectionYou know the lady on your team that does Crossfit between tennis matches?  Adidas Pro Tennis Shorts are the perfect way for her to show off her toned thighs and booty.   She’ll have coverage and space for ball storage, along with 2 layers of fabric.  These shorts have an inner compression short covered by looser mesh shorts on the outside, and we all know the mesh layered look is on trend for this season. You can rest well at night knowing your ultra fit friend has found tennis bottoms to show off her hard work…even if she is always hangry.

adidas Pro CollectionOf course, I wear tennis clothes to work, so I’m always keeping my eye out for bottoms that offer a little more coverage.  That’s why I love the Pro Tennis Skort Leggings. There are lots of reasons that ladies want to cover their legs, but only few ladies that want to give up the convenience of a tennis skirt.  This gives you the best of both worlds.  There’s 2 great features of these Skort Leggings that make them great for tennis players.  First, the leggings have ball pockets for storage during points.  A lot of ladies are trying to get by with running skorts with leggings, but they are just NOT going to offer that ball pockets in a running skort. Second, the leggings are detachable and each piece can be worn alone. Helllloooo 2 for 1!

adidas Pro CollectionAdidas offers 2 style choices for Pro Collection tops– the Tank or the Tee. The tank offers a built in bra with removable pads and a really cool design for the racerback.  The contrasting colors loop through each other to create a visually interesting look.  The Tee has a V-Neck to give you a full range of motion, with contrasting color for your collar, sleeves, and logo BUT the best part is the peekaboo printed fabric on the back of the tee. Both of these choices give you style and ventilation!

adidas Pro CollectionI’m not encouraging you to have a pair of shoes to match every tennis outfit, but if that sounds like you…read on!  The Barricade Classic Bounce, the Barricade Club, and the Stella McCartney Barricade Shoes would all work well with the colors in this collection, and they’re all high performance shoes that help you move aggressively on court.

See some new adidas you can’t live without?  Shop the new adidas Pro Collection today!


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