ASICS’ Court Speed Line Gets FlyteFoam

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To kick off 2020, ASICS went big by releasing the soon-to-be-powerhouse GEL-Resolution 8. However, they also came out with an update to the GEL-Court Speed that flew under the radar: The Court Speed FF. This upgrade maintains a similar style to its predecessor, but introduces FlyteFoam into the midsole for a more dynamic experience on the court. Overall, this shoe is designed to remain lightweight, yet offer better flexibility and stability than past models. It’s technically the brand’s second-tier speed shoe, coming in behind the premium Solution Speed FF. That said, the Court Speed FF is nothing to scoff at. Let’s take a closer look at what it’s made of:

ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes

ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes Lateral Side    ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes Medial Side

ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes LacesUpdated Lacing System

While the GEL-Court Speed used rather standard eyelets, the Court Speed FF introduces what could be described as “fingers” that are designed to better adapt to the shape of your foot. The system should provide more adaptive support when changing directions.



ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes Forefoot ProtectionForefoot Protection

A PGUARD toe protector returns in this model to provide additional security against excessive wear. It’s placed on the medial forefoot to specifically protect against damage when sliding. The outsole is also raised in front of the toe, while additional material extends around the toe and medial forefoot for greater durability.


ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes FlyteFoamUpgraded Midsole

ASICS has made a pretty clear effort to bring their premium midsole technology, FlyteFoam, into their full tennis shoe lineup. We saw it incorporated into the GEL-Resolution 8, and now the Court Speed FF. This material utilizes organic “super fibers” to provide superior cushioning and energy return in a lightweight package. The Court Speed FF includes comfortable GEL® cushioning, as well.

ASICS Court Speed FF Tennis Shoes OutsoleFamiliar Outsole

Underneath, we see familiar non-marking, AHARPLUS™ material arranged in a similar fashion to the prior model. The stabilizing and supportive TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® has been slightly modified, though. The shoe as a whole is designed to offer better flexibility and heightened stability on the court, and this piece plays a critical role.


Fit and Sizing

The fit of the Court Speed FF remains very similar to the GEL-Court Speed. This means you can expect a pretty average width and medium arch. I’ve always found this line to offer a good level of support when compared to other lightweight shoes on the market.

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