ASICS Launches the Brand New Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe

ASICS Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe Thumbnail

ASICS Launches the Brand New Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe

ASICS‘ FlyteFoam® Midsole Technology is here to stay, as we can now confirm that the tennis-shoe powerhouse has incorporated the popular material into their latest speed shoe: the Solution Speed FF. This lightweight tennis shoe was designed as an update to the Gel-Solution Speed 3, and it succeeds in a few key categories. At Tennis Express, we took the time to analyze the makeup of this shoe and put its performance to the test.

ASICS Solution Speed FF Technologies and Features

Men’s and Women’s Solution Speed FFs

ASICS Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe

At left is the ASICS Men’s Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe in Black and Silver. At right is the ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe in Mojave and White.

The Solution Speed FF v. The Gel-Solution Speed 3

ASICS Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe UpperASICS Gel-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe UpperOut of all the tennis shoes ASICS currently offers, the Gel-Solution Speed 3 represents the closest comparison to the Solution Speed FF. Many of the technologies are the same (as seen above), the weights are similar (the Speed FF is roughly six grams lighter), the fits are nearly identical, and their overall purpose is essentially the same. While these are all rather clear similarities, there are some key differences that make it apparent the Speed FF is an upgrade.

Starting at the top, the design of the upper is slightly different, but this translates to a noticeable improvement in performance. In the Speed FF, the upper casing utilizes deep, forward-facing grooves. In the Speed 3, there are shallow, lateral-facing grooves. As a result, at push-off, the Speed FF is more flexible, and allows the athlete to launch forward in a swift, fluid motion. Conversely, the Speed 3 has a slightly higher rigidity that can be a minor detriment to explosiveness.

ASICS Gel-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe Rear ASICS Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe RearAnother significant difference is a direct result of FlyteFoam®. Both shoes offer great shock absorption and responsiveness, but the Speed FF has the edge. Thanks to this new midsole technology, the Speed FF has that extra bit of cushioning and bounce-back that can make a difference during tight and intense matches. This is most apparent when bouncing on the balls of your feet.

In addition to the two differences in performance, there is another small detail worth noting. While the fit and cushioning of the uppers are similar, the inner siding, tongue, and laces of the Speed FF are softer to the touch. This minor, but noticeable, feature is an instant reminder of the quality of this performance shoe every time they’re taken on or off.

At left is the ASICS Men’s Solution Speed FF Tennis Shoe in Black and Silver. At right is the ASICS Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe in Mid Gray and Black.

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