Babolat Brings Out the Best in New Tennis Shoes

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Someone must have challenged Babolat to, “Bring it on!” And with that, the Mach 3 tennis shoes were born.

For those that aren’t familiar with the Babolat story, it’s one of love, legacy, and laces – shoelaces that is.

Tennis Shoe Empire in the Making

Babolat began as a family business in 1875.  Tennis and badminton were on the cusp of becoming two of the most popular racquet sports.  Also, the grassroots company saw potential in manufacturing raw materials such as ‘natural gut’ and set out to build a complex cord we refer to today as racquet strings.

Besides adding frames, grips, and clothing, Babolat started making tennis shoes.

Meet the New Mach 3 Tennis Shoes

Designed for players who want to improve their agility and add some speed to their game, the Jet Mach 3 was re-engineered with all of the latest and greatest bells and whistles on the market.  Babolat’s goal was to increase player confidence and sharpness.  The French manufacture wanted the Jet Mach 3 to be the ultimate weapon for players looking for a durable, light-weight, very stable tennis shoe.

And Babolat didn’t miss a beat.  They rockered the heel with this version, making it similar to a running shoe in design.  They also installed a KPRSX system that provides optimal cushioning at every stage of the game.  This product comes from a shock-absorbing EVA foam that offers excellent overall foot support.

Lastly, the sole was improved to be more responsive to the demands of the game.  The outsole surface and thickness were increased, especially around the pressure points.  This helps reduce abrasion and minimize low impact points. The JET MACH 3 sole is still manufactured with Michelin Premium DIN20 technology, again for durability and longevity.

At Tennis Express, we had the privilege of playtesting Babolat’s Mach 3.  Here’s what our playtesters had to say.

Mach 3 Playtester # 1

Playtester Leland Rolling had this to say about the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes in Jade Lime.

“These tennis shoes will certainly meet and exceed performance expectations of a nationally ranked adult male tennis player,” said Leland.

He touted the design as modern, and even mildly aggressive.

The jade/lime colorway is a bit bold and might not be for all players, but Babolat has a sleek blacked out variant as well. The MatryxEvo material in the upper combined with the tried-and-true Michelin sole is a great combination for a solid feel and performance.

“These tennis shoes are very comfortable from the first try-on.  They are neither stiff nor squishy.  The Ortholite insoles did a nice job with cushioning on the hardcourt surface,” he added.

Leland wore the Mach 3 tennis shoes several times for about 10-hours of highly competitive play.  He was happy to report the shoes showed very little wear and tear.

“Even my left toe was completely unscathed.”

Known to be a bit of a toe-dragger,  especially when he’s executing a one-handed backhand, he was pleasantly surprised with how well the Mach 3’s held up, contrary to the other light-weight tennis shoes he’s worn.

He shared how the traction was good, the shoe felt breathable, and he was steady on his feet despite some Houston humidity in late spring.

Mach 3 Playtester #2

Another playtester was Sam Jones.  Sam is a Tennis Express Content Writer and racquet guru, who also playtested the Mach 3’s.

Equally, Sam was impressed by the Babolat shoes, particularly the actual fit.

“These tennis shoes are TRUE to size,” he said, explaining how that not always the case with European shoe manufacturers.

The Mach 2’s were scorned for having a moderate break-in period.  Reviewers recommended purchasing a half size up, due to width and length being a bit on the skimpy side.  Subsequently, the new Mach 3’s have unequivocally addressed the cramped toe box and tight fit.

“I was pleased by how light the shoe was,” said Sam.

Some Babolat shoes have been perceived as being clunky and heavy.  Sam felt like the Mach 3 were almost as light as a pair of running shoes. He indicated one minor flaw could be at the top eyelets, where the laces were a little difficult to weave through.

All and all, this shoe gets a FIVE STAR review for its lightweight, comfortable, true-to-fit, on-court performance and price point.

Mach 3 Playtester # 3

I playtested the Babolat Women’s Jet Mach 3 All Court Tennis Shoes in Hot Pink. They were ridiculously comfortable.  From the first time I laced up these lightweight, high-performance tennis shoes, I felt good about my game.  They had just the right about of cushion and ankle support.   Additionally, these tennis shoes helped me improve my speed on the court.

Babolat designers used an innovative fabric called MatryxEVOIt consists of Aramid and Polyamid threads which promote flexibility and comfort. Like the Mach 3 for men, these tennis shoes have the Michelin Premium DIN20 rubber outsoles to ensure durability and minimizing wear and tear.

I played with them for about 6 hours during the past 2-weeks.  I play doubles and have received numerous compliments on their vibrant colorway.

They absorb shock well and promote good balance.

Besides that, I would highly recommend the Babolat Mach 3 for those who are looking for the elusive combination of a lightweight shoe with impressive stability!

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