Best adidas Tennis Shoes: A Comprehensive Guide

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In this piece, we’re going to break down the tennis shoe lineup for the brand with three stripes, better known as adidas. A lot has changed in the past couple of years. We saw
the retirement and reemergence of the Barricade, as well as the introduction of several new “Court” models. It’s a lot to follow, but we’re here to help. We’ll start with adidas’ most premium tennis shoes and work our way down the list, comparing models at similar price points.

SoleCourt Primeblue Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's SoleCourt Primeblue Tennis Shoes Core Black and Pulse Aqua

We start with the SoleCourt Primeblue, formerly known as the SoleCourt Boost. You might recall that this was adidas’ first totally new tour-level shoe following the retirement of the old Barricade line. It offers an excellent balance between comfort, stability, durability, and response. It leverages adidas’ Boost technology for shock absorption and energy return, and has been worn on tour by Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas. The name Primeblue means the shoe was crafted with high-performance recycled material.

Avacourt Tennis Shoes

Adidas Women's Avacourt Tennis Shoes Almost Lime and Core Black

Next are the Avacourt and updated Barricade, two models that look poised to become staples in adidas’ tennis shoe lineup. The Avacourt is a women’s specific shoe that hones in on the needs of female tennis players in terms of their playing style and overall physiology. This results in a more comfortable fit, leading to natural performance benefits. The Avacourt itself has good responsiveness, and serves as a great all-around shoe for women. Danielle Collins is one of a few top WTA pros who endorse the shoe.

Barricade Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's Barricade Tennis Shoes Footwear White and Core Black

The new Barricade comes in at the same price-point, and is a shoe adopted by ATP and WTA pros alike. As many adidas fans know, it’s designed with support and durability in mind. It has an asymmetric lacing system and new Bounce 2.0 cushioning. Compared to the old Barricades, the update is meant to be a little bit more comfortable and fit more foot shapes. It does not have the outsole warranty that the old models had, but does fall under adidas’ new Primegreen sustainability effort.

Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoes

Adidas Women's adizero Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoes Footwear White and Silver Metallic

Our next shoe is all about speed, comfort, and staying light. This shoe, of course, is the Ubersonic 4. It comes with a full-bootie construction for a more adaptive fit, and features premium recycled performance materials. This tour-level shoe will keep you close to the court, but does not have the same durability as the previously mentioned shoes on this list.

SoleMatch Bounce Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's SoleMatch Bounce Tennis Shoes Footwear White and Solar Red

We now exit the realm of top-level shoes in the sport to focus on models with similar performance characteristics, but at more moderate price points. First is the SoleMatch Bounce that mirrors the SoleCourt Boost. This shoe is stable, comfortable, and responsive, but differs from the SoleCourt Boost in that it’s lighter and more breathable.

Defiant Generation Tennis Shoes

Adidas Women's Defiant Generation Tennis Shoes Turbo and Silver Metallic

We then have the Defiant Generation right around that $100 price point. It has a full-bootie construction for a form-fitting feel, and focuses on balancing control, comfort, and speed. That said, it isn’t the most breathable shoe. Inside, it’s powered by adidas’ Bounce cushioning.

CourtJam Control Tennis Shoes

Men`s CourtJam Control Tennis Shoes Core Black and Footwear White

Next is the CourtJam Control, which offers comfort, cushioning, and durability to club players. It comes with a full-length Bounce midsole, making it a great shoe for those who want quality performance without breaking the bank.

CourtFlash Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men's CourtFlash Tennis Shoes Pulse Aqua and Core Black

Along a similar vein is the CourtFlash. This shoe is a quick and lightweight option for club players. Between this and the CourtJam Control, players have some flexibility in finding a lower-price-point shoe that matches their playing style.

GameCourt 2 Tennis Shoes

Adidas Women's GameCourt 2 Tennis Shoes Footwear White

Lastly, we have the GameCourt 2, which is your entry-level tennis shoe for recreational players. It comes with standard cushioning and protection, and is best for those who hit the courts more

Final Thoughts

While not mentioned in every case, adidas has made a pretty firm commitment to sustainability efforts, meaning even their less expensive shoes feature recycled material, which is pretty cool. That wraps up our adidas shoe guide, but don’t forget that you can check out any of adidas’ tennis shoes at We hope this article has helped narrow down which shoe is best for you. Subscribe for more breakdowns such as this one, and we’ll see you next time.

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