Best Colors To Wear for Summer

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of staying hydrated and tips for proper hydration. For this post, we continue the conversation on strategies for staying cool in the summer. When the weather heats up, there’s always a debate about the best type of clothing to wear.  There’s a lot of info out there, and some of it is even conflicting. So, we want to answer the question: What are the best colors to wear for summer to beat the heat?

What colors should you wear in the heat?

There are two competing theories when it comes to the best colors to wear for the heat. One camp argues that bright clothing reflects light, and therefore heat, away from the body. The other side contends that because dark-colored clothes absorb light, they block more UV rays and prevent heat from transferring to your body. A study from the Japanese National Institute for Environmental Studies shows that brighter colored clothing has a significant effect on reducing temperatures. For the experiment, mannequins were dressed in different colored shirts. Then they were exposed to the sun in 30°C (86°F) weather. After just 5 minutes outside, there was a difference of 20°C in temperatures between the coolest and warmest shirts.

As it turns out, there is actually a good reason why wearing white at Wimbledon remains a long-standing tradition. The white shirt ended up being the coolest shirt at 30°C, while the black shirt registered at 50°C. Bright colors like yellow, gray, and even red clothing are all better at reflecting light than darker colors such as blue, green, and black. So the best colors to wear for summer are bright clothing to match the sunny moods, right? Well, there may be another factor to consider for those who prefer darker, moodier colors.

Shirt colors temperatures
Brighter colors reflect more sunlight, keeping body temperatures lower

UV protection and other factors

Besides just wearing light-colored clothing, UV protection is important to consider too. Sunburnt skin gets hotter and is worse at cooling down compared to healthy skin. UV protection also prevents radiation from heating up your clothes before it reaches your body. In fact, UV-protective long-sleeved clothing can block out enough sun to actually feel cooler than regular short-sleeved clothing. Looser clothing helps dissipate heat more effectively as well. With good circulation, air can move heat away from your clothing before it reaches your skin. Though fitted clothing may improve your performance for important matches, you should let loose when you’re out training or having fun. So next time before you head out, take some extra time to carefully choose your clothing according to your activities.

Long sleeve UV protective clothing
Sofibella uses Sofi-Premier fabric to offer superior UV protection with full coverage

Staying cool for the summer not only feels good but there are also health benefits as well. Wearing cool clothing for summer can help prevent heat exhaustion and sunburn while providing other benefits. Get cooling UV protective clothing in the best colors to wear for summer at, and be sure to stay subscribed to our blog for more content.

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