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Finding the best sports bra for tennis doesn’t have to be as challenging as hitting a winner.  It just requires a little patience, some simple strategy, and a willingness to try. For many women, trying a new sports bra is the biggest hurdle.  It can be risky, expensive, and super uncomfortable. But Tennis Express wants to help. We have a variety of sports bras on SALE for a fraction of the cost. So if you’ve been on the fence about trying a new bra, now is the time to take the leap of faith and find the perfect sports bra for you!

Compression vs Comfort

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One of the first things you need to determine is what you will use your sports bras for? Will you be doing low, medium, or high impact? Is your bra for training, drills, or matches? Or do you just want a comfortable non-padded bra?

Regardless of the activity, a good sports bra should never come at the cost of comfort.  Compression and support are the two key elements to finding the right sports bra. Although these terms are often used synonymously, sports bras can have a lot of support with a bit of compression and vice versa. Support has more to do with holding your body in place. Compression is the amount of tension found in the material.  Some sports bras use compression to squeeze or constrict a specified region. This attribute can be great for low or medium-impact activities. For higher impact activities, like super competitive singles play, support coupled with compression is important and will make a difference when it comes to back problems.

Take for example the Nike Women’s Swoosh Medium-Support Sports Bra. This bra is single-handedly one of the most popular sports bras on the market. It combines compression with support. It was designed for medium-impact activities which makes it great for doubles, drills, or even match play.  The racerback blueprint promotes freedom of movement and the elastic band under the bust makes it relatively accommodating. This sports bra is equipped with some technical features such as  Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology which helps manage sweat. It has a single-piece removable pad that provides additional support as well as shape.

Tracy’s Tip: I’ve tried this bra and it works pretty well.  It does run small side so I suggest you go up at least one size, if not two sizes. I also recomend you remove the oversize pad or better yet, add a couple of stitches to the sides of it so that it stays in place.

Fashionable Functions

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Sports bras come with a unique set of functionality. Some have built-in pads while others are removable. The idea behind pads is to add support and help maintain your shape. Pads work best when they are built-in, but as long as they have a designated area they should be effective.  The most common necklines are the U-shaped or scoop neck. They pair nicely with a variety of tennis tops and compliment most necklines. Racerback or cross-back designs are the most popular since they leverage the position of the shoulder for added reinforcement.  Straps vary in thickness and many have adjustable rings that allow you to determine the perfect length.

Some sports bras are seamless and have adjustable bands under the bust. Many offer a simple elastic band and a few come with clasps, such as the traditional hook and eye closure. The Under Armour Women’s Infinity High Bra has a combination of functionality and comfort. It is made with stretchable, super-smooth fabric, and allows a more customizable fit. Thickness and ventilation are other handy features when seeking the right sports bra. As a rule of thumb, the thinner the shoulder straps, the less support.

Adidas offers the Women’s Don’t Rest Alphaskin Sports Bra. This medium support bra has a locked-in compression fit for the ultimate hold. It is a pullover that has mesh inserts in the back for superior ventilation. This bra also has Aeroready technology which will help absorb moisture and keep you in the game longer.

Tracy’s Tip: Please don’t expect a lightwight sports bra to have high-quality support.

Add a Splash of Color

sports brasports bra

When it comes to confidence on the court, color matters.  Your sports bra should complement your tennis top. It should be hassle-free, sturdy, and give your wardrobe a boost of energy. The New Balance Women`s Fuel Sports Bra is one such bra. It offers medium support, removable pads, and sleek cross-back straps. It also has clean seams and an easy-fit construction for added comfort. This bra comes in a variety of colors such as Pale Blue and Pink Glo. This sports bra also has a ventilation area in the back, just under the cross-section. It has a 4.6 rating, out of a 5-Star by 91% of customers that purchased it.

Another bra loaded with color and pizzaz is the Under Armour Women`s UA Infinity Mid Printed Sports Bra. This more traditional-looking bra is one-piece. It has pre-molded padding that is built-in for extra comfort and coverage. It also has mesh panels for extra breathability, plus it’s smooth and comes in three playful patterns.

The most common colors are black or white, and some general guidelines for wearing a colored sports bra are to wear one that is slightly darker than your tennis top.

True to Size

Size is a tricky topic.  Unlike conventional bras that measure cup size, along with your bust, sports bras come in extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. It’s not super complex, however, you need to have an idea of your size in women’s clothing and some knowledge about the brand.  As an example, Nike and Adidas both run on the small side.  I would encourage you to buy a size up, and in some cases go up even two sizes. It’s easier to wear a sports bra that is slightly bigger, than one that is so tight and uncomfortable.  Other brands like Fila, Asics, Cross Court, Bolle, and Under Armour run more true to size. It’s okay to try a variety of styles, brands, and sizes until you find the perfect fit. Once you do, be sure to purchase one for every day of the week.

Holding its Value

Sports bras don’t shrink. In order to keep their shape and hold their value, sports bras should be properly cared for.  You can never go wrong so long as you follow the product tag. Most suggest you wash your bra by hand, rinse thoroughly, and lay it flat to dry.  Avoid harsh detergents and dryers.  The heat from the dryer can actually degrade the elastic and parts of the fabric making it lose its shape or worse yet, change size. When possible, remove the pads and wash them separately.

Tracy’s Tip: Taking a few extra minutes to care for your sports bras will add longjevity and more great moments on the court.

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