Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners 2016

best tennis racquets for beginners

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Have you finally decided to take up the best sport ever?  Whether you’ve been inspired by watching pros on TV or you’re just tired of the treadmill routine, let me reassure you: You’re going to love tennis!  It’s a great full body workout, it’s social, and anyone can learn!  Even Olympian Michael Eaton names tennis as the most athletically taxing sport that exists.

Choosing the correct racquet can be a roadblock for a lot of adult beginners.  I always tell people to connect with a pro to take some lessons, but obviously you’ll have to show up with a racquet to get started.  A lot of pros give advice based on their own sponsorship or brand experience, so be aware of recommendations from a pro that hasn’t seen you play yet.  By all means, follow the advice of a pro that you’ve developed a working relationship with, but that should come after a few months of lessons.   In the meantime, here’s 5 racquets that are great for beginners!

The Babolat Pure Drive Light lets you take advantage of all of the data collected by Babolat’s high end racquet, the Pure Drive Best Tennis Racquets for BeginnersPlay, used by tennis great Rafa Nadal.  Racquet designers realized that players don’t hit the ball exactly in the sweet spot as much as they think they do and adjusted the string bed to compensate for off center hits…Great for beginners like you! Babolat ups the game by adding comfort with its patented Cortex System, which filters out unnecessary vibration that can cause discomfort after the first few lessons.

The Wilson Ultra 108 Best Tennis Racquets for Beginnershas a larger sweet spot with a forgiving string bed, making it perfect for newbies.  What’s great about this racquet is that it can take you from the  baseline to the net with no problems.  It also has a slightly extended length, giving you extra reach on ground strokes and serves!

The Head Graphene XT Instinct S is exceptionally maneuverable, which makes it great for someone
Best Tennis Racquets for Beginnerslearning the mechanics of tennis.  When you take lessons, your pro will be asking you to put your body into positions that will feel unnatural to you at first.  The racquet in your hand is an extension of your body, so you’ll want something easy to handle.  The light-weight and even balance of this racquet is great for beginners that want to learn proper technique!.

Best Tennis Racquets for BeginnersThe Prince TeXtreme Premier 105
  is great for adult beginners that are looking for a good sized sweet spot, with minimized vibrations to help players feel more comfortable.  The forgiving 105 square inches of string bed and an added quarter inch of length will make you feel more successful with every swing. You’ll get a good crisp contact with the ball, and have plenty of control to bend that fuzzy yellow ball to your will.

Best Tennis Racquets for BeginnersThere’s a reason Babloat appears twice on our list.  They are absolutely dominating the racquet game right now, and we just can’t leave off the Babolat Pure Aero Team as one of our favorite racquets for beginners!  It’s easy to swing, but still allows plenty of opportunity for you to apply spin and power to the ball. It’s nearly perfectly balanced weight gives you good stability, and it helps you make a shot out of balls that you aren’t meeting exactly in the sweet spot.

I highly recommend using a demo program to test out the racquet you’re considering.  You can take your racquet out on a “date” for as long as a week before making a long term commitment.  If you’ve tried out the racquets on this list, and you’re still looking, check out our “Honorable Mention RacquetsThe Head Radical S and the Volkl VSense 4.

Be sure and order the correct grip size when you place your order, although keep in mind that adding an overgrip increases the size by 1/16th.  If you want to appear really knowledgeable when ordering your new racquet, read up on string choice and tension before placing an order for your new racquet!

No matter which racquet you choose, you’re going to love learning how to play tennis! Having the right racquet from the start can help you advance more quickly, avoid injury, and get to the best part….Winning!