Best Tennis Racquets for Power

There are a lot of tennis racquets out there to choose from. We are all looking for something in a racquet; Power, Spin, Control, and Comfort are a few of the biggest buzzwords in racquets at the moment. Some models specialize in one attribute while others are versatile enough to excel in a few different areas. We have selected models from the Power category to help you find the best model for your game.

“With Great power…comes great responsibility.” We have all heard the famous quote from Spiderman, but when it comes to tennis racquets sometimes we simply want more POWER! In this category, racquets are maneuverable and they often sport slightly thicker beams for a crisp response at contact. Most of the models in this group have mid-plus head sizes (95-105 sq in) and a median weight of around 10.6 ounces (unstrung). Without further ado, here are our picks for the best five tennis racquets for power.


Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure DriveAs long as the Babolat Pure Drive has been around, it has sold incredibly well. Many racquets have tried to copy this frame. The 10.6-ounce weight, 100 square-inch head, and open string pattern make hitting powerful shots addictive and fun. Babolat’s HTR system gives the racquet a new layup composition to help convert fast swings into explosive power. The new layup delivers an impressive sound and feel at contact. SWX Pure Feel is comprised of a flexible material within the shaft to ensure that awesome power has some comfort as well. Throw in the mirror cosmetic, and you get one of the most popular racquets on the market today.


Wilson Ultra 100 v4.0

Wilson Ultra 100 v4

Wilson’s Ultra line got a fancy color-shifting facelift for version 4. The racquet features a more aerodynamic design than the previous models, and the feel has been greatly improved as well. Highlighted by the integration of FORTYFIVE° into the lay-up for a softer, more comfortable feel along with enhanced stability, the Ultra 100 continues the tradition of providing easy power. Wilson’s Sweet Spot Channel, a cavity along the inside of the frame, lengthens the cross strings to create more grommet movement for more……..Power! This, along with the Crush Zone Grommets in the bridge, expand the sweet spot for added forgiveness and ball speed.

Power With Added Comfort

Head Boom MP

The Boom was introduced last year as a brand-new line from HEAD. This model features a unique head shape along with a morph beam design to blend a more classical shaft design with a modern head construction. The Boom utilizes an Auxetic construction in the bridge of the racquet which actively responds to provide an ideal impact feel and finely-tuned feedback. The racquet’s Tiffany blue cosmetic is striking, and the 100 square inch head seems to play larger and more forgiving. While some power racquets compromise on feel, The Boom MP excels at both.

Yonex EZONE 100 7TH GEN

YONEX EZONE 100 7TH GENThe “Easy One” is not only a fun racquet to play, but it offers some nice power and comfort as well. The Isometric head shape stretches the sweet spot and a new inverted frame design with a thinner face creates a softer racquet. Vibration Dampening Mesh inside the racquet handle reduces vibration while still offering solid feedback. The EZONE 100 packs a wallop, but you will be surprised how spin-friendly the racquet is as well.

Best for Beginners

Wilson Clash 108 v2

Wilson Clash 108 v2The Wilson Clash is the most flexible racquet in tennis. This model has an easy-to-manage weight and the oversize 108 head makes even off-center hits feel remarkably solid. The Clash 108 uses Wilson’s FORTYFIVE°, which is comprised of a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact. So not only is the frame powerful, but it is arm-friendly and forgiving as well. This model is a 1/4 inch longer than a standard frame for greater reach, power, and spin.

For Those on a Budget

Wilson Ultra 100 v3While The Wilson Ultra 100 v4 made the top five in our best tennis racquets for power list, version 3.0 offers plenty of punching power, and at a nice value for well less than the newest model. The racquet features many of the same technologies as v4, albeit with a little less comfort. Still, if you are looking for a strong performance-to-price ratio, the Ultra 100 v3 is hard to beat.



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