Best Fall Tennis Dresses

Sartorially speaking, nothing says “women’s tennis” quite like the classic tennis dress. It’s a timeless staple, and for good reason. The best ones are easy to play in, move when you do and offer just the right amount of coverage and support. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. Our favorite new fall designs are every bit as stylish as they are technologically advanced. Looking – and playing – your best is just one outfit away.

10 Athleisure Looks You Can Pull Off Using Tennis Outfits!

If there’s one rule to dressing athleisure-ly, it is that there are no rules. So if you’re struggling to assemble an outfit together, or think your tennis crews are all athlete and no leisure, we have put together our favorite athleisure looks using tennis outfits so you can use put your performance apparel to use more often. From comfort and high-performing technologies to casual, laid-back chic, these options check all the boxes.