Creative Ways to Tennis at Home

No doubt about it, times are tough for everyone, and tennis is no exception. If you are fortunate enough to have a tennis racquet and a pair of athletic shoes, you have access to some fun, low cost exercise. Here are some suggestions of what Tennis Express like’s to do while we are at-home.

Best Stretches for Tennis Players

You might hate stretching, but you know you have to do it in order to keep your body in the best shape possible. Stretching is vital for athletes, and should be routine, to achieve optimal performance during play and aid in recovery. Here are some of our favorite basic stretches that every tennis player should be doing before and/or after playing tennis.

How to Combat Tennis Elbow

The tennis playing community is a tightly-knit group. We bond over Federer’s majesty, Serena’s dominance, and the wonderful feel of a fresh grip on a tennis racquet. There is something else that brings us together; The fear, pain, and strain of Tennis Elbow. Tennis elbow has a much cooler scientific name, lateral epicondylitis. The condition is described as an over use injury of the elbow area, specifically the forearm extensor muscles.