The Best Junior Tennis Shoes for Your Kid in 2019

So you’ve finally gotten your child interested in the sport of tennis, or perhaps they’re simply interested on their own. Either way, you look at the tennis landscape and wonder what the heck your kid needs. For footwear, they’ll need tennis-specific shoes as opposed to standard running shoes or training shoes. If this is all new to you, here are our recommended tennis shoes for boys and girls.

Wilson Delivers the Goods with the New Rush Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoe

Wilson updates their flagship, high-performance tennis shoe for 2019 with the Rush Pro 3.0. It is a daunting task to try and improve one of the most well-rounded shoes on the market, and having extensively reviewed the 2.5, I was curious to see the adjustments Wilson made. The most glaring change for me was on the scale. Wilson managed to cut nearly an ounce off the Rush Pro 3.0*, making the shoe faster and a touch more dynamic. The upper has been upgraded with Sensifeel 2.0, and features a lightweight mesh in contrast to the 2.5 with no noticeable loss in stability or comfort. The mesh upper also enhances the shoes breathability and initial fit.

Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 = High Performance Tennis Shoe

I didn’t break the shoes in at all before I stepped on the court because I wanted to test how they felt straight out of the box. I was impressed by how soft the upper felt when slipping the shoes on, and how the sock liner guided my foot, but didn’t constrict it. Throughout the match, I didn’t feel any hotspots or have any blister issues. The foot bed offered strong support and cushioning, but I still felt connected to the court with a low-to-the-ground feel.