Closet Check – Love it OR Let it Go

Tennis Clothing

Every year when the seasons change, and new fashions flood the showroom floor at Tennis Express, I’m reminded to clear out my closet and make room for some of the latest in tailoring trends.  This year is no exception.

It’s out with the old and in with the new.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure to leave room in my closet for a modest inventory of some of my favorite brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Fila, K-Swiss and Lucky In Love.  But it’s not always easy donating my gently-used items to the local non-profit organizations, especially when apparel manufactures are stepping it up, making longer-lasting tennis gear with innovative fabrics and cutting-edge technology for versatility and longevity.

pile of tennis fashions

Take for example:

The phrase, “Cotton, the fabric of our lives.” That sentence was launched in 1989, on Thanksgiving Day as part of a national marketing campaign by Cotton, Inc.  Can you guess the product they were pushing?

While cotton, and in particular denim, remains some of the most popular fabrics in the world, there are many others to consider.

Fabric comes from three primary sources:

  • ANIMAL – like wool or silk
  • PLANTS – such as cotton, flax, and bamboo
  • SYNTHETIC – items like polyester, acrylic, rayon and nylon

Today, there are hundreds of blends of fabric and an endless rainbow of colors!  No wonder the tennis apparel companies are having a hay-day! (No pun intended).

Fashion Trends:

Some of the trending colors on the court include peacock, salmon, metallic, and neon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Bold, vibrant colors are being showcased by the superstars on center court. And it’s not just colors that are impressing TV viewers, it’s playful patterns.  Tennis clothing can be viewed as an expression, and in certain cases, abstract art.   Have you ever noticed how the mood of a match changes after a wardrobe modification? That’s because clothes build confidence and express individual personalities through an unspoken attitude.

Colorful tennis fashions

As an example, red is considered ‘the color of extremes.’  It represents passion, danger, power, and ironically, is referred to as the color of love. While not everyone chooses to be robed in red, there are plenty of variations to select from including pink, purple, and the newly popular salmon. All of these colors stem from the primary color red.  Of course, black and white apparel are always a crowd-pleaser.

tennis fashions red shirt

Contemporary clothing manufacturers are staying on top of their game by infusing clothes with Dri-fit© and other moisture-wicking technology.  They’re also adding UV and UPF protection, to help minimize personal sun damaged, and adding targeted ventilation zones for better airflow.  All this not to mention fabric flexibility.  With the right blend of Polyester, Nylon, Lycra©, and Spandex, clothing should never be a reason we shanked a shot.

Personally speaking, when I shop for a new tennis outfit, I look for:

  • QUALITY – material, construction, stitching & finishing touches
  • COMFORT – size, cut & feel of the fabric
  • COLOR – will this match existing items in my inventory, do I wear it well
  • BRAND – reputation, personal connection, product guarantee

The more familiar you are with the styles and colors you wear best, the easier it is to find the perfect piece or pieces.

I try to respect the budget, but I also see clothing as an investment in my game. Remember that element of confidence?  Yeah, there’s nothing like parading onto the court in a new outfit unaffected by a beastly backhand or gregarious ground-stroke.

The bottom line is whether you are new to the game, looking to purchase your first tennis outfit, or revamping your closet like me, Tennis Express has something for all.  With one of the largest selections of tennis apparel and accessories on the planet, they even have a section for the bargain basement hunters who is ‘dressing on a dime’ (it’s the coveted clearance center). Be sure to get a jump start on the holiday’s by building your online WISH LIST at and don’t forget to pass along those gently-used items to the worthy charities.

Tennis Express Wish List

Life is short, if you don’t love what you’re wearing, chances are, it’s time to let that piece of clothing go.




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