More mystery blacked out Wilson racquets?

Over the last couple of days, people have been excited to watch the Australian Open to see what racquets some of their favorite players are using for the New Year. One of the big discussions people are having are about the blacked out Wilson racquets. The next generation of young superstars like Grigor Dimitrov, Juan Martin Del Potro and Vasek Pospisil have been using these racquets for the last few weeks and it begs the question, what are they playing with?  We can only make assumptions at this point for each player but it looks like they are going with the same look as Federer’s racquet before they came up with the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 that players can now buy.


Grigor Dimitrov does not have the popularity or legendary status as Roger Federer, but it looks like Wilson could possibly be making a custom designed racquet just for him. There was a brief discussion by Brad Gilbert who had looked into it a little further, going so far as to talk to Dimitrov’s stringer. The stringer stated that the new racquet has the same Braided Kevlar technology as Federer and has a 98 square inch frame with an 18 X 17 string pattern. This differs from the Federer racquet which has a 97 square inch frame with a 16 x 19 string pattern. This new customized racquet could be a great addition to the Wilson with an all new string pattern and slightly larger head size.



Even though Juan Martin Del Potro has withdrawn from the 2015 Australian Open, we have seen him play with this new black matte racquet in the tournaments leading up to the Grand Slam down under. There have been a lot of discussions about Del Potro’s racquet in the past and the rumors in the beginning of last year are that he only has two racquets left that he actually plays with which are the same racquets that won him the 2009 US Open. The racquet he has been playing with this year has the exact same string pattern so some may conclude that they are the same racquets he has been using for years just spray painted in matte black. Others may believe he has finally decided to give up on his old trusted racquets and have Wilson customize a racquet for him. We will not know until we see him back in action.


The other player that has used the black matte racquet this year has been Vasek Pospisil. He was seen using the black racquet playing in the Hopman Cup earlier this month and now at the Australian Open he has been using the new Wilson Burn Racquet, which will be coming out soon. This begs the question, will players like Dimitrov and Del Potro start using the new Wilson Burn Racquets or will they have customized racquets like Federer? We will have to wait and see what the folks at Wilson have in store for these young and upcoming stars.

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