Diadora Tennis Shoes

Just as Italy sees a resurgence of success on the pro tennis tours, the country is also producing some of the highest quality tennis shoes on the market as well. Diadora, although not necessarily a household name in the U.S., has an impressive lineup of footwear to suit a variety of play styles and purposes. Whether you prize stability and comfort, speed or a mixture of all of the above; Diadora has a shoe that will impress and make you think twice about buying from a bigger brand.


Diadora Blushield Torneo

The Torneo serves as an update to the popular Blushield Speed 5. This model represents the most stable and durable shoe from Diadora. It mixes a lightweight EVA in the midsole with Blushield cushioning in the forefoot for exceptional energy return and shock absorption. Its D-Skin and Air Mesh upper provides breathability and comfort. The addition of Supreltech provides enough rigidity to keep your foot stable. A CCB medial stabilizer ensures your foot stays locked down on quick changes of direction. The outsole is made of Duratech 5000 rubber for maximum durability and traction. Players after superlative support and durability will gravitate to the Blushield Torneo.Diadora Blushield Torneo

Diadora Blushield Fly 3


This model takes aim at the growing trend of sock style upper shoes. It has a D-Skin overlay for comfort and support.¬† The Fly 3’s sock upper has a unique layer of foam, making it more cushioned and contoured than similar shoes. This also keeps the thin laces from digging into the top of your foot as you tighten them. It uses a mixture of EVA foam for weight reduction and Blushield at the forefoot for maximum responsiveness. While the outsole is also Duratech 50000, the pattern is not as deep as the Torneo, leading to less durability. Players who want strong cushion and support in a slightly lighter package have a strong choice in the Fly 3.Diadora Speed Blushield Fly 3


Diadora B.Icon


The newest member of the Diadora line is also the most innovative. It uses materials from Diadora’s impressive runners to maximize speed and response on court. The biggest standout is the DD Anima midsole. This blend of expanded EVA and a proprietary polymer offers cushioning and energy return that stands out in speed shoes.¬† The upper is constructed of D-Skin, Air Mesh and Supreltech for ventilation, comfort and support. The B.Icon has a softer upper and is less laterally stable compared to the other models. It runs long and players may go a 1/2 size down to fit. The Duratech 5000 outsole¬† is the least durable from Diadora, making it more suited to a match day shoe than a daily grinder. Once on foot , players will be hard pressed to find alternatives that feels this light and well cushioned.Diadora B.Icon Tennis Shoe


The global nature of tennis can be seen in the quality of shoes being produced by brands from all over the world. Diadora is blending design and material innovations to deliver some of the highest performing shoes on court. Whether you are a speed merchant, a baseline grinder or a player looking for a bit of both; Diadora should be at the top of the list. Head over to Tennis Express for the latest Diadora tennis shoes.

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