Djokovic and Lacoste Making Statements in New Tennis Apparel

Novak Djokovic in Lacoste Ultra Dry Graphic Tennis Polo

In the beginning of the 2017 season after Novak Djokovic switched partnerships from Uniqlo to Lacoste, everyone seemed to be in shock. But for good reason, this actually propelled both brands to new heights for the tennis apparel industry. Although Novak didn’t do great during the 2017 or early 2018 season, his brand and image surely skyrocketed after signing on a well-known clothing brand. After Novak won the 2018 Wimbledon and US Open championships, this new partnership has helped Lacoste transition into new era of tennis clothing and achieve better brand recognition amongst fans.

Novak Djokovic Holding 2018 Wimbledon Trophy   September 9, 2018 - 2018 US Open Men's Singles Champion Novak Djokovic photo by US Open

On the left is Novak Djokovic raising the 2018 Wimbledon trophy (Source: July 15, 2018 – Juergen Hasenkopf/Alamy) and on the right is Novak raising the 2018 US Open trophy in his signature Lacoste gear. (Source: Sept. 9, 2018 – Jennifer Pottheiser/USTA) 

Rene Lacoste, the founder of Lacoste, was known for his classy style as well as skilled play. He’d wear dress slacks, a flat cap, and a tucked-in white polo (buttoned all the way up). Novak brings back that classy, trendy and elegant style with some modern spins to keep up with the changing fashion and tennis game.



Lacoste started off with their classic tennis polo in 1933, which was made entirely from cotton. It helped maintain a soft feel and while it kept sweat from showing, it lacked in sweat-wicking ability. As the game evolved, Lacoste started improving their apparel lines to include more performance-friendly technologies while still maintaining a high-class clothing image. Today with their updated apparel collections, players like Novak Djokovic, Daniil Medvedev, Dominika Cibulkova and many others can enjoy high performance fabric technologies while looking fashionable at the same time.

Daniil Medvedev Monte Carlo Win   Dominika Cibulkova Posing in Lacoste Tennis Dress

On the left is Daniil Medvedev celebrating his victory at the Monte Carlo Open in his signature Lacoste apparel. (Source: Apr. 19, 2019 – REUTERS) On the right is Dominika Cibulkova posing in the trendy Lacoste Technical Tennis Dress. (Source: Jan. 12, 2019 –

Lacoste Djokovic Men’s Apparel Collection

For the 2019 season, we will see a trend similar to 2018 in the Djokovic apparel line. Lacoste Djokovic Tennis Polos incorporate Ultra Dry polyester fabric and technical jersey material which allow for increased breathability as well as sweat-wicking ability that is perfect for the modern-day game. Additionally, the brand has incorporated UPF 50+ protection in most of their polos for added protection and comfort. The trending slimmer fit still applies to the new line as it contours to the body and enables more natural movements. The main difference between the 2018 and 2019 Novak polos is the design. In 2018 we saw more of a “cracked glass” like design on the front and back of the polo. In 2019 we see Lacoste minimalizing the design to subtle lines across the front, allowing the background color to pop more. Players can also get a solid-colored Djokovic Ultra Dry Raglan Tennis Polo if they prefer a more traditional tennis style.

Lacoste Novak Djokovic Ultra Graphic Tennis Polo French Open 2019 Lacoste Novak Djokovic Ultra Dry Graphic Tennis Polos

Lacoste Novak Djokovic Ultra Dry Raglan Tennis Polo Blue and RedLacoste Novak Djokovic Ultra Dry Raglan Tennis Polo White


Sticking with the same style as the 2018 versions, the Lacoste Djokovic 7-inch Stretch Woven Tennis Short is updated with new colors for the 2019 season. This short still incorporates stretch woven taffeta fabric and mesh panels for comfort and practicality.

          Lacoste Novak Djokovic Stretch Woven 7 Inch Tennis Short   Lacoste Novak Djokovic Stretch Woven 7 Inch Tennis Short Black and White

Also getting updated is the Djokovic Technical Tennis Tee. It comes in with the same mixed blend of Ultra-Dry cotton and polyester fabric that was previously updated in the other tees. The main difference is the larger Novak graphic on the front which gives it some pizzazz.

Image result for novak djokovic technical tee

Other Men’s Lacoste Apparel

For players that want something a little different in style, Lacoste has the Men’s Ultra Dry Color Blocked Gradient Tennis Polo, the Color Blocked Tennis Polo and the Mesh Block Tennis Polo. Both Color Block polos are made with similar high-performance Ultra-Dry polyester fabric and have a slightly slimmer fit, but will come with different contrasting color schemes that stand out. The Mesh Block Tennis Polo brings back the traditional Lacoste style with modern cotton fabric, a fold-over collar, a 2-button placket and a looser fit.

    Lacoste Mens Ultra Dry Color Block Gradient Tennis Polo    Lacoste Mens Color Blocked Tennis Polo White and Blue   

Lacoste Mens Mesh Block Tennis Polo


To coordinate with the polos, players can choose from the Men’s Color Block Drawstring Tennis Short and Men’s Gradient 9 Inch Tennis Short. The Color Block Drawstring short comes in an 8 inch inseam, standard fit with diamond weave taffeta fabric and color block design down the sides. The Gradient short comes with a slightly longer 9 inch inseam length and has a contrasting color stripe down each side that fades for added style.

                    Lacoste Mens Gradient 9 Inch Tennis Short             Lacoste Mens Color Block Drawstring Tennis Shorts


Lacoste Women’s Pro Player Apparel

The women’s collection from Lacoste has seen some changes over the years with slimmer cuts and stretchy sweat-wicking fabrics. Similar to the previous seasons, we saw a variety of dresses, tanks, sweaters, short sleeve tops, t-shirts and pants all with slimming high-performance features that look flattering on every body type. On tour, we’ve seen Dominika Cibulkova and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova rocking the Women’s Technical Tennis Dress during the 2019 Aussie Open and spring season. This one-of-a-kind masterpiece combines moisture wicking technology, breathability and stretch properties to give you ultimate performance. The subtle striped design on top with a racerback adds function as well as style.Lacoste Women's Technical Tennis Tank Dress


Other players like Christina McHale went with the Women’s Performance Tennis Top and Ultra Dry Technical Tennis Skirt to coordinate on-court. Both clothing options feature the same fabric benefits as the Technical Dress, but come in a slightly different fashion style. The top has mesh all along the back with a contrasting white color stripe to let the main color pop. The skirt features built-in shorts and a contrasting asymmetrical hem that covers the entire outside for a clean look.

Christina McHale at BNP Paribas Open 2019 Michael Cummo       Lacoste Women's Performance Tennis Top Aquarium

Lacoste Women's Performance Tennis Top Manguier                    Lacoste Womens Ultra Dry Technical Tennis Skirt

On the top left is Christina McHale playing in the Lacoste Performance Top and Ultra Technical Skirt at the 2019 BNP Paribas Open.

Other Women’s Lacoste Apparel

For ladies who want high-performance quality, but with a different style there’s also the Women’s Technical Stretch Tennis Tank Top, Ultra Dry Printed Sleeveless Tennis Polo, Technical Printed Tennis Polo, Fleece Long Sleeve Tennis Top, and Fleece Drawstring Tennis Sweatpant.

The Technical Stretch Tank is similar to the Technical Dress. It comes in a cropped length with mesh along the upper back and a striped print covering the mesh.

Lacoste Womens Technical Tennis Tank Top

Lacoste is keeping the trend of sleeveless women’s polos going for a classic, country-club style. Whether you’re playing tennis or golf, the Ultra Dry Printed Sleeveless Polo is a great option. The striped print adds a cute design, while the 3-button placket and ribbed collar keep it classy. Although the arm holes are a smaller cut, they allow for plenty freedom of movement to swing.

Lacoste Womens Ultra Dry Printed Sleeveless Tennis Polo

Unique to the new women’s collection is the Technical Printed Polo which has a minimalist print all over. Lacoste takes a modern approach of combining a performance t-shirt with a polo to give it a unique style. The ribbed collar is shorter so you don’t have to worry about the ends curling up and the placket has a V-neck style with no buttons.

Lacoste Womens Technical Printed Tennis Polo

If you want something classy for on or off-court activities that keeps you warm, the Fleece Long Sleeve Top and Drawstring Sweatpants are a great option. Similar to previous seasons, these two items feature a soft cotton/polyester blend that enhances comfort and keeps you warm. Both can fit right over your tennis match outfits or be worn separately to make a fashion statement out on the town.

            Lacoste Womens Fleece Long Sleeve Tennis Top PinkLacoste Womens Fleece Drawstring Tennis Pants

As we can see, there are several changes that Lacoste is making to modernize their men’s and women’s apparel, but still maintain their classy high-end image. Novak Djokovic as well as many other pro players trust this brand to constantly deliver on apparel technologies and fabrics that enhance their performance on-court. To shop for any of the Lacoste Men’s or Women’s Apparel Collections, head over to today!

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