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Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 3 Tennis Racquets with Tempo 6R Tennis Bag

Tecnifibre and Lacoste has been putting in work to expand both brands in the tennis world. With their official partnership starting last season, you can tell these brands are putting a lot of high-quality aspects into their products to better enable all tennis players. For 2020, the brand upgrades their middle-of-the-road tennis bags with better features and an updated look that’s outstanding.

Tempo Tennis Bags

Although the Tempo Bag line was previously tailored to women, these upgraded bags get a nice progressive grey/teal design that can suit all tennis players. It also gets improved with Tarpaulin microfibers and side reinforced material for even better stability and durability. The popular Tempo Rackpack L highlights this line with its unique look and style. Similar to its predecessor, it features a large zippered compartment with removable internal organizers perfect for keeping your belongings sorted. There’s two zippered net pockets on the top flap for additional storage, a small accessory pocket on one side, and a separate shoe pocket on the other side. On top are adjustable shoulder straps with a sternum clip for easy transportation. This pack can store up to 4 tennis racquets, so if you need something bigger or smaller check out the Tempo 6R Tennis Bag or Tempo Tennis Backpack.


T-Rebound Tempo 3 Racquet Series

For players that want to match the Tempo Tennis Bag line with a specific racquet, there are the T-Rebound Tempo 3 tennis racquets. Tecnifibre refreshed their T-Rebound Tempo racquet series with a slew of subtle upgrades over the previous generation. As is always the case with Tecnifibre, the numbers associated with the racquets indicate their unstrung weight in grams. Included in the Tempo range, are the 260, 270, and the 285. The racquets incorporate the brand’s proprietary technologies featuring a slightly shorter length, a varied and a varied cross section beam. The beam design keeps the cross section thin at the top of the hoop and in the shaft for outstanding maneuverability. The 3 and 9 o’clock positions, along with the racquets’ shoulders are slightly thicker for improved stability. The frames are designed to give players easier access to spin, and more net clearance in a lightweight yet stable racquet.

Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 3 Tennis Racquet Series



Team Icon Tennis Bags

My personal favorite tennis bags is the new Team Icon bag line. Similar to the Tempo bag series, these new bags were rejuvenated with an innovative design and Tarapaulin microfiber construction reinforcements. It’s predecessor, the Air Endurance line, featured a 9R pack, Rackpack and Backpack, but this year Tecnifibre adds a 12R Team Icon bag so players can have a little more storage space. There are three main compartments so you can store up to 12 tennis racquets and your larger tennis essentials. On the sides are small zippered accessory pockets for personal valuables and smaller items. The front features a ventilated shoe pocket great for separating out your wet clothes or stinky shoes after you play. On top are adjustable shoulder straps with a sternum clip for easy carrying to/from the court. If you’re looking for something a little bit smaller, the Team Icon 9R, Team Icon Rackpack L, or Team Icon Backpack may be a great fit.



No matter what size tennis bag you’re looking for, Tecnifibre will have you covered. These new bags will certainly help you upgrade your style, keep yourself organized, and help you conveniently travel to and from the tennis court. Get yours today at Tennis Express and for a limited time you can get a Free Team Icon Backpack with the purchase of select Tecnifibre racquets.

Tecnifibre Free Icon Team Backpack Ad

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