Go Green and Win $100 Tennis Express Gift Card

When Tennis Express launched a “Go Green Campaign” to raise awareness about the impact that a used tennis ball has on the environment, we had some pretty lofty ideas.

Today, our efforts are paying off, and in a big way, especially to a few lucky winners!

History of Recycling

Recycling is no longer a ‘buzzword’, it’s a way of life.

People in nearly all industries around the world are adopting processes that renew, reuse and recycle materials to benefit the environment, as well as their community.

At Tennis Express, we’ve been an innovator when it comes to recycling.  For years we’ve had systems in place where we breakdown boxes, place them in recycle bins, and systematically have them recycled.  Also, we reuse hangers, have can and bottle collections in our break rooms, and promote textiles that are environmentally sustainable such as Nike’s All Condition Gear, Adidas Primeblue apparel, and Venus William’s Eleven line. In fact, we now have an entire page of products that are made from Recycled Material.

One of our biggest efforts to date started last November, on National Recycle Day (11/15/20) when we partnered with RecycleBalls.org.

RecycleBalls.org is a non-profit organization committed to recycling used tennis balls and converting the rubber inners into environmentally friendly products such as tennis apparel and even tennis courts.

We began placing labels on cases of balls that were being shipped and raising awareness about the impact our industry was having on landfills across the country.

Not only did these labels plant the seed, but that seed is flourishing and fetching a bounty of balls.

go green

Why Recycle Tennis Balls?

Recycle Balls was founded by Derrick Senior and his son Ryan.  Both are recreational tennis players who wanted to make a difference in the world, and in the game of tennis.

They realized that something needed to be done about players discarding more than 125 million used tennis balls each year.  Not only were the tennis balls taking up a massive amount of space in area landfills, but one tennis ball takes about 400 years to decompose.

The Seniors recruited a team of researchers to develop what they dub the ‘Play It Green machine.’  This cutting-edge technology strips away 99% of the ball’s felt and works at a rate of 10,000 balls per hour.  The machine then crumbles the ball’s interior rubber to produce a mulch material they call “green gold”.  The repurposed material is being used to make a new hybrid-type of a tennis court that’s not only eco-friendly but easier on a player’s body.

Win $100 Tennis Express Gift Card

The response from our Go Green Campaign has been phenomenal!  Boxes and boxes of used tennis balls are making their way to the recycling facility in Vermont.  In an effort to keep up with the positive cooperation from athletes across the country, we’ve launched a friendly little competition.

Our Earth Day contest will reward Tennis Express Customers’ who donate balls to RecycleBalls.org.  The players who send in the most number of used tennis balls, between now and April 21, will win a $100 Tennis Express gift card.

We challenge players to get creative with this contest.  Clean out your old tennis gear, baskets, and bags. Perhaps you could ask a high-school tennis team for their used balls? Better yet, ask a tennis club, coach, or league! Send in all the balls you can, and get yourself on the leader board for this incredibly worthy cause.

recycle balls

Remember, all used balls must be received on or before April 21. Also, be sure to “like” and “subscribe” to Tennis Express on all social media outlets.  The winners will be announced on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22.

To access your FREE shipping label at TennisExpress.com/Recycle. Be sure to utilize the drop-down bar and mark “YES” to being a Tennis Express Customer.  Also, please send a minimum of 100 balls or more at a time. Remember, your donation is tax-deductible!

Transforming the future of tennis

Here are some other ways YOU can get involved:

  • Recycle your used tennis balls
  • Encourage young athletes to be school ambassadors and collect balls for their tennis teams
  • Ask your team, coach, club, and league for their used balls
  • Donate online at www.recycleballs.org
  • Encourage other players to Go Green

To learn more about this Recycle Used Ball program, visit TennisExpress.com or RecyleBalls.org.