HEAD Revamps Speed Series with Graphene 360

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HEAD’s new Speed Line includes the Pro, MP, MP Lite, S, and Lite models. They have updated their Graphene Touch technology from the previous generation and created all new molds featuring Graphene 360.

Speed Pro CloseInstead of the focus on a polarized weight distribution (weight in the grip and tip), Graphene 360 is located in the shaft and throughout the hoop to improve stability and increase energy return. HEAD made an effort to make the popular Speed Series more comfortable and solid at contact. See the breakdown below:

Graphene 360 Speed Pro: This racquet has a 23 mm flat beam, and is 1 mm thicker than the previous iteration. In addition to Graphene 360, HEAD has opened up the 18×20 string pattern for more spin production and easier access to power. The previous Speed Pro had one of the most dense string patterns available, so this update should give the racquet more mass appeal. Though the beam is thicker, the flex on the Speed Pro is the most comfortable it has been in years, and will be a MUST Demo for players looking for a comfortable control frame. The Pro is the racquet of choice of Novak Djokovic,

Graphene 360 Speed MP: This racquet has the same 23 mm beam as the Pro, but utilizes a 16×19 string pattern, and is ten grams lighter. Speed MPThe MP also has an amazingly comfortable response, and will appeal to players looking for more spin and net clearance. The MP is the racquet of choice for Alexander Zverev.

Graphene 360 Speed MP Lite: The MP Lite is trimmed down with a weight of 10.2 ounces. This racquet is geared toward junior players who are beginning to produce longer swings, but still need the extra mobility of a lighter frame.

Graphene 360 Speed S: Players that choose this racquet can expect a medium-weight, more powerful take on the Speed series. The 25mm beam thickness translates to enhanced power in a rock-solid, comfortable-feeling racquet.

Graphene 360 Speed Lite: Despite coming in at under 10 ounces strung, this frame offers impressive stability for a super lightweight racquet. There is plenty of power available with the thicker beam, and the Graphene 360 construction makes the Lite one of the most comfortable light-weight racquets on the market.

Speed Silo

Head Racquet Round Up

RacquetWeightHead sizeString PatternCross SectionFlexSwing Weight
Graphene 360 Speed Pro11.4 oz10018x2023mm62317
Graphene 360 Speed MP11.1 oz10016x1923mm60319
Graphene 360 Speed MP Lite10.2 oz10016x1923mm60307
Graphene 360 Speed S10.6 oz10016x1925mm65301
Graphene 360 Speed Lite9.8 oz10016x1925mm65298


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