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K-Swiss introduces its newest tennis shoe with the launch of SpeedTrac. This innovative, lightweight shoe offers a variety of features that are both seen and unseen. Some more noticeable differences include the square toebox and taller heel tab. A few contemporary features are the Plantar Support Chassis and the updated 180 PSC design. These design aspects help set this shoe apart and demonstrate how the next generation of tennis shoes has arrived. Keep in mind that K-Swiss introduced the “Classic” tennis shoe during Wimbledon in 1966.  Sure it wasn’t flashy by any means and didn’t have any of the bells and whistles of modern-day shoes, but it was still stylish just the same. K-Swiss has come a long way since then.  Yet, their tennis shoes remain on the cutting edge of the engineering spectrum, making K-Swiss one of America’s most beloved tennis shoe manufacturers.

Let’s take a closer look at how the new SpeedTrac compares to some of the company’s current offerings.

SpeedTrac vs. Hypercourt Tennis Shoes

The Hypercourt tennis shoes by K-Swiss are one of the most popular shoes on the market. Designed for hard-court play, both are great for tennis players of all skill levels. While the Supreme and Express have received high praise for their breathability and cushioning, the Express has earned higher marks for its responsiveness. Both have a minimal break-in period and good durability.

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Hypercourt Supreme

A hero among the models is the Hypercourt Supreme.  This shoe targets young, competitive, and aggressive players. It has cool technologies like Surge 7.0 for maximum energy return and Dragguard 7.0. There is also a comfortable upper bootie that helps ensures a secure fit for your foot. In addition to being played on hard courts, this shoe can be played on clay. When you compare it to the SpeedTrac, you’ll see the Hypercourt Supreme toe box is more rounded. Also, the width is a little more generous on the Hypercourts while the length for both runs true to size. The Supreme is considered lightweight, however, the SpeedTrac is slightly lighter.  The SpeedTrac has DuraWrap and SlideGuard technologies while the Supreme has  DuraWrap Flex and DragGuard 7.0.  When it comes to Seam-free construction, SpeedTrac scores big-time for leveraging heat welding to reduce uncomfortable stitching. Although there are more colorways with the Hypercourt Supreme, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing additional options for the SpeedTrac in the near future.

Hypercourt Express

As far as the Hypercourt Express tennis shoes, they come in multiple versions. In addition to the Hypercourt Express originals, there is a second generation dubbed the Hypercourt Express 2. These shoes are more spacious across the toebox than the Supreme and SpeedTrac. They have a Textile Collar Lining and Ortholite Sock Liner, but what they lack is the traction features in the SpeedTrac. Engineered to give athletes more confidence in their side-to-side movements, the SpeedTrac minimizes the gap between their feet and the court. In a sense, the SpeedTrac gives players a deeper connection to the playing surface.

SpeedTrac vs. Ultrashot Tennis Shoe

Like the Hypercourt Express, there are several versions of the Ultrashot, including the newest – the Ultrashot 3. When you put the Ultrashot 3 alongside the SpeedTrac tennis shoe, you can see the family resemblance. But instead of an Ortholite Sock Liner, the Ultrashot has a CMEVA Sock Liner.  The toe guard is a little more camouflaged on the SpeedTrac and the lacing system is somewhat more sophisticated. Likewise, the SpeedTrac tongue is attached to the tennis shoe interior and the heel counter is more streamlined.  Ultrashots are available in numerous colorways including Orchard Pink, Asphalt and Peach Amber, and White and Peacoat.

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SpeedTrac vs. BigShot Tennis Shoe

The Bigshot Light 4 had a cosmetic update from its predecessors. Incorporating a new upper design, the Bigshot 4 mimics similar trademarks of the SpeedTrac. Both are lightweight, lend great support from heel to toe, and offer amazing comfort on the court. The Bigshot tennis shoes have an EVA Sock Liner as opposed to the Ortholite Liner found in the SpeedTrac’s. From a price standpoint, the Bigshot is one of K-Swiss’s most economical tennis shoes. Since the Bigshots are incredibly durable, they are ideal for newer tennis players and people who frequently drill. The outsoles are similar. Both are non-marking and made with high-density rubber, yet the SpeedTrac has a new tread pattern offering superior on-court traction.

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The SpeedTrac is currently available in women’s sizes. They come in two colorways and are even worn by WTA players.

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