K-Swiss and Lucky In Love Create Tennis Utopia

What do you get when your two favorite tennis brands collaborate on fashion? Pure utopia! K-Swiss and Lucky In Love have done it again.  They’ve released another line of “must-have” items including an adorable pair of tennis shoes and some show-stopping tennis apparel.

Could it get any cuter?  I don’t think so!

Allow me to introduce you to the Women’s K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 “Lucky Charm” sneakers.  This tennis shoe comes directly from the ‘Capsule Collection’ and features a winning combination of angelic style and audacious attitude.

k swiss shoes

Women’s K-Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 “Lucky Charm” Tennis Shoes

This tennis shoe is the perfect combination of K-Swiss, one of the industry leaders in top-selling tennis shoes, and Lucky In Love, America’s sweetheart tennis apparel company.

The Lucky Charm is composed of durawrap flex, a signature material of K-Swiss.

These tennis shoes provide even the daintiest of feet a good amount of protection and flexibility, which can be particularly beneficial by reducing the “break-in period.”

Infused with a surgelite cushioning system, also a trademark of K-Swiss, this tennis shoe’s technology helps players get to the ball faster while providing maximum comfort on the court.

The design also includes a cool, clear, normal outsole that elevates on-court performance and off-court style.

But it’s not just the mechanics and utilities behind this shoe – it’s simply adorable.

The all-white exterior can be dressed up with four different shoelace colors, such as yellow, white, pink, and green.

The laces are printed with a message of encouragement, touting: “Feeling lucky” and “Lucky me forever.”

Not only will you be feeling lucky in this unique footwear, but chances are, you’ll play better too!

As a bonus, you won’t have to work hard to figure out what to wear with these darling tennis shoes. Lucky In Love is releasing four new pieces, also from the ‘Capsule Collection’. They are bold and bright prints, boasting tropical designs inspired by the apparel’s coastal location.

K-Swiss X Lucky In Love Capsule Collection

lucky in love capsule collection

Lucky In Love is headquartered out of South Florida and K-Swiss is in sunny California.

Brilliantly colored flowers are amplified throughout these pieces, which have been gracefully placed atop a white background.

There is a tender pink fade starting mid-way down the jacket, and continuing to the trim, which is solid white.

The skirt shares the sweet pink fade and displays a small set of pleats with an asymmetrical seam and a modest waistline.

Yellow and red bursts of sunshine peek out from behind select flowers on both the skirt and jacket.  I have a feeling they are to remind us of the fabricator’s roots.

An exquisite array of tropical flowers has been delicately placed on a light blue and white background.  The subtle, yet sophisticated brushed pattern, is adorned with dainty white flowers.

The skirt has small pleats on one side, an asymmetrical seam on the other, and a modest waistline.

As with most Lucky In Love apparel, it is made with moisture-wicking fabric, to help sweat evaporate quickly and effectively so you can stay dry and focused throughout.

You can tell the designers didn’t spare any sense of creativity when they came up with these winning combinations.

The limited-edition collection is scheduled to release December 7, 2020.

With any luck, we’ll see more pairings from these two stellar businesses in the near future.

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