May The Force Be With You: New Dunlop FX Racquet Series Review

Dunlop FX Tennis Racquet promo photo

Dunlop is back with a new tennis racquet line that will demolish the market. Building on the success of their Control based CX racquets and Spin based SX racquets, we are proud to present Dunlop’s new FX series.

New Dunlop Technologies

The theme of the FX series is “Force” and the brand wants players in this line to think “Power You Can Feel”. Dunlop’s signature Sonic Core with Infinergy is still utilized to keep the frames comfortable at contact. They introduce a new Power Boost Frame Geometry for a more aerodynamic response and increased stability. The frames have Flex Touch Resin inside the racquet shaft for greater flex and vibration dampening. To further enhance the racquet’s feel, a Power Boost Groove runs under the grommet strip to help encourage more string movement for greater rebound.

Dunlop FX Tennis Racquet Technologies


Dunlop FX 500 Tour

The new line comes with 5 frames in a distinct blue and black color scheme. The Dunlop FX 500 Tour is the heaviest of the series and is built on the concept of controllable power. It features a 98 inch head size and weighs 305g unstrung.

 Dunlop FX 500 Tour Tennis Racquet

Dunlop FX 500, FX 500 LS and FX 500 Lite

The FX 500, FX 500 LS, and FX 500 Lite will all feature similar 100 inch head sizes and open string patterns, but will vary in weights. The FX 500 comes in at 300g, while the FX 500LS comes in at 285g and the FX 500 Lite at 270g.

Dunlop FX 500 Tennis RacquetDunlop FX 500 LS Tennis RacquetDunlop FX 500 Lite Tennis Racquet

Dunlop FX 700

The lightest in the series in the FX 700 which features a larger 107 inch head size and lighter 265g unstrung weight for easy power.

Dunlop FX 700 Tennis Racquet

Look out for our reviews on each of these Dunlop FX racquets coming soon.

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